Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautifully defined. Are you tht pretty?

Why do i have to post smth pathetic???okay..obviously, m young, partially cute (bluek,its a joke),happy :) haha. Mr heart ain't brain reli make me happy :) like wen u wake up u dun wanna stop smiling. Oh my, intoxicant again!

I was watchin korean drama and i learned smth. It was awesome wen ppl said u're beautiful. Trust me i disregard wen ppl tell me i'm a pretty thing. Something do u define it?
It is rather subjective, so my definition of pretty is wen someone can be real sincere saying something. Not because dey wanted to console bout stuff. Someone beautiful for me is someone who doesn't or never deceive othrs. She dun have to look innocent and cute. She who was never a bitch and make friends with deepest honesty. Something beautiful that I feel its true wen she is willing to share her point of view with no hesitation. Yeah, wen u're beautiful to me, i can see it. Towards what extent?? u nvr noe...

I'm not used to do corny things (well i just did..;)) Beautiful to me is when someone isn't being selfish for her own good. I can never define beautiful as someone who can politely greet others. Someone who behave like angel but holding a "bipolar personality". Well, someone is beautiful to me wen she can tell her own faults and do some corrective over it. Besides, she can bare others deceiving her and hold her emotion chaos. She, who can survive without decent meals .

So, basically i'm not pretty because non of those things work on me. I'm selfish, arrogant, aweful and i hate being called pretty. Urgh cmon, its obvious, m not it..I'm smth dat resembles insanity :).

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