Monday, February 7, 2011


The price of being honest and loyal can come into three forms, the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm not doing philosophy here. Above all three i picked "the good". Maybe because u wait patiently and get thru ovr sum silly thoughts so best part crawl back to u. So y the hell i'm into diz topic? oh yes, employee retention and "the anythng else". I was on a 10 pages self reflection papers which i dunno what did i typed on d microsoft word. (that's not d point!) okay, I had to look for 5 policies dat i wished my future organization will be having for their employees. Frankly, I'm not really into diz worklife balance policies. I dun have imagination of me having 5 kids and rushing over here and ther for them. What kind of brainstorming was dat?? Since I was so desperate to poke out ideas frm my brilliant lil neurons, i had to envisage such things. (ths is wat happen to a bachelor who got a write-up papers). Trust me, thinking is hard!
Here came d idea, like so old fashioned one..child& elder care center, flex hours,wellness at work and job sharing. What m i doin talking bout my papers in my blog??(ths is totally a peak of insanity). Yeah, think about it, wen u're a mother, as a primary caregiver u have like 10000 discrepancy hours btwn ur work and family, i dunno if that was enav. Plus, wen u're d sandwich generation dat wud be aweful cuz u have elders to be taken care off. i personally fel bad if i weren't be able to make it home wen my parents called me.

The rational of these policies is to give ppl integration btwn life and work. There is no 50% work and 50% family. Its just how u deal with it. You still can have time for love one while u're at work. How's dat...?let this future HR girl change the future for u!huhu..I'd love to if my future cmpny wud be like google, u have free meals, kids centres in d building, games and free gym membership..:) so m gonna be more loyal to d company, i'll work hard so dat my performance burst like a grenade!hahah..

Finally, i miss "atok hunky"

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