Sunday, February 27, 2011


overtime always happen wen its friday, wednesday, tuesday and anyday..haha..i shud've said everyday. lol. My hair had grown unconditionally since i left my loreal serum at dewi's. Okay, its saturday yesterday. *of course everybody know bout it..duhhh..
Seriously we had a mini errand yesterday. All d gloom busters were on board ready to go for some trip so called we-sing-badly-til-rain. Oh yeah, a nite before we had sum cd making session which i skipped for some kodomo lion dream. I passed out (no-alcohol ok) after got back frm sharing planet (gonna get to diz later). So, i hav no idea what happen, of course sum of em were great in sabotage-ing ME. Here come d saturday, we're off at 6.30..supposedly..sum technical problem (which cannot be stated reasons and excuses of what and why). The journey started with CD (1). Sorry to Dewi for have had to listen to our messy voice composure. It was fun anyway. As much as what i wanted to keep for my memory.

Lunch were at SUSHI KING..awesome,i had to say dat okonomiyaki is d thing dat is refuse-able..damn,,i hadn't been ther for quite sumtime..Now m hungry really. :(. yesterday was awesome..its not just yesterday but d day before yesterday..Its food tour i called it. Since miss vick had us called food lover, no offence we are..and me of course xcept for vege things!otherwise its ON baby!

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