Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hail the prayers, I wont change my mind

Sorry but this is really a right time to throw veng. in here. Was it me or work had been pretty annoying and pissing you off more than ever. I don't wanna be frank cuz its the truth that some ppl have to swallow (i'll make them swallow hard). I do not know since when im being an ass that very particular about things. I hate perfectionist seriously and I do not wanna be one. Its very much stupid to be anxious bout something simple and there's a damn solution if you could just sit for 2 minutes and chill!
Today, i was suppose to manage the stuff for some training thingy and what make me really pissed until my heart rate become unconditionally handicap and i think my brain work faster with the dirty vocabs. I can never be mad unless its really the things that made me so out of my head. The cupcakes were totally ruined and its impossible to be given away to any human being. Like a cat food i see. Not to be arrogant but really I fucking hate when things does not go on my way.
Things bout me, I love to bottle up my anger and I really dont wanna blow eventhough i'll say things that make sense. With current emotional imbalance and the urge of splitting myself into 10 I promise some will regret it. Hail the prayer but I wont change my mind!