Tuesday, September 6, 2011

British Pound Salary

Happy Eid Mubarak specially for all Muslim & also non muslim that enjoy the joyous celebration. This year it appear to me not-so-awesome festive. Perhaps when you grow up you'll lose the fun bit by bit (not to mention being a zombie deserted on swine-land) Some says do not whine when life gives you a big fat lemon. Afterall the urge to scribble something in your brain is unstoppable. I bet we are all created with tiny space of natural temparament of whining in cerebral cortex. I was really trying to have fun. Despite of partially eligible for Eid token nothing awesome hoverin' around. Its juz crime thoughts keep on troubling me with clashing decipher. At the end of the day, I just sat on the edge of my bed having blur visions & ransom voices killing my auditory. Perhaps I should start oblige myself with wisdom thingy. I always find it difficult to laugh now than couple of month ago. Seriously, the course of getting excitement had been a bad add math formula (which I regard as extremely head-achin'). Realizing that I left my fantastic happiness back in my school life, it turn up to be perpelexing adulthood life. That's really true about grown up wish on "resistant to ascending age". Lord, I'm having the same wish too. Sometime you just wish you're just a kid while a kid who do not know anything about trouble. I just wanna be a kid that so innocent bout this life and never gonna care how complicated life can turn up to be. Its quite emotional ryte (laughing at myself). Now the most used vacab is "tedious" and my objective of life had been concealed by the greed of being a corporate lady, specifically a supreme HR director with British Pound salary. Its quite exageratting but I can promise all, I'll be the most tedious person ever as I start indulging myself with tactical and strategic views. I learn to develop my own principal & believes. I would like to change the old fashion way of being the top people. I will..