Thursday, March 15, 2012

Part ii : Disgusting Relationship

Let me just clarify, the disgusting relationship will always be one:

This is not a time to tell stories, this just bitter past that I dont think I wanna live with (so why the hell i'm writing about it). I want this virtual world to imagine what is it like wasted university time falling in love with someone who actually set up by a friend.

Frankly, I will tell you I'm not smart because I've already figure it out once upon a time and never blow out. I was being so freaking kind all the time. When he go I let him, when my friend showing signs of a backstabber (yeah of course I brag in my entire 2010 post). What the hell did I owe her? What the hell he owe me? no answer cuz they doing it for fun. For the god sake what the hell of 3 years relationship.

I was right not to put her in my clan list, I know her limit. This is just too  much for a history. I had 2 sucks semester I tell you because of the stupid drama. He's a drama queen and I'm a bullied guy. Lucky I have another 4 semester to cover up the whole mess. Still, I think my brain functioning like a bunch of slugs.

Well, I am never gonna forgive them until they seek forgiveness from me. Screw you !! I hope you're reading and I will gladly put nasty words here for both of you. Seriously, I'm not joking. I'm not kind when you make me one. Please to meet the bad me because this one you poke me really bad. I've been bruised for no reason, being punished for nothing, being stab for nonsense.