Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not so hot babes~week 2


When we do stuff we need to finish the 1st one that in front. (just like eating ice cream..finish the top). So ,i’m gonna finish the 1st room located in da house(lebih afdal)

This week pick up of the week is momoelikeMIE…(tertanya2 knape nk samekan teddy dye wif her name). shall I reveal her real name?kindda long tho~pity to my jejari dat have to type..huhu


Me and her who’s older,of course I wont let myself admit dat I’m a few month older..just take it as equal.we’re the ’89 people. The blazing hot generation. Wokay…Her name can exceed to more than 5 varied for certain situation..We called her..MIE-when we being so kind and she look so innocent..BEDAH-when she call her friend wif classical name and we play mari meminang game(starring ckin mie n tim)..she’s expert in Datinish job and classical stuff..BIBIK-when she dressed like one and start to cook and sweep the floors for us (all those bibik-ing jobs)..NONI-that’s what people might call her when she’s in johor. Obviously not so close with her name but what can we do its what her parent called her ..ngee..AHMEI-when we bored and wanna shorten the vocal waste and saliva and energy..straightaway amei aaa….

“Shall I compare her to my cuteness..Thou art less lovely nor even temperate”..wakakaka.(bakal mati dibunuh oleh Shakespeare) . okay enough those crappy lil thing. She’s kindda cute(uhh~mie dun perasan). She’s obviously ‘rendang” than me (pendek or rendah?).She’s kindda superb in e-commerce thingy..she spent most of her time shopping thru net(haih..lazy generation tol). She’s the main founder for 5cm BASKETBALL strategy together with TIMAH the timooon..Recent public gossip girl had reported that the last time she’d been seen together with her sugar daddy..but which one fits her most still in doubt. We still wanna korek rahsia from this lady. Sources reported that she heard mie talking in da phone after 2 am in the morning.. the dubious action still in mystery..the only alibi left is MOMOE(now dating with tammy secara senyap2 sejak sem lepas-but ditentang dgn hbatnye oleh tammy’s mama). Menurut sumber momoe still dun wanna spill the bean..wakakaka…any news, soon to be publish!stay tune and wait for the next icon of the week.

If You're mine

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


How do you noe its L-O-V-E?
was it because u felt shiver on ur palm and its sweating like a burgular hands when they snatch people stuff after breakin in.. or maybe u have tyroid(dats y u sweating). It s more likely like a heist snatch ur heart..
can people live in heartless?what shud a
heartless do when literary speaking the cupid arrow had struck ur heart n carried away to those who wishes for it..(obviously my head had struck a stiff metal somewher and resulting this illness)
I just wanna express what do i feel n what do i noe bout love. love=something that very difficult to do. Ages might not be able to reveal those ryte n perfect definition for love. Love have its own evolution(
just like charles Darwin theory maybe) or even like a seed to flowers and fruits. We can never guess love..(what the heck did i said just now)
Frankly speaking,as if i did noe love but obviously i failed those theories of sternberg n murstein if i'm not mistaken. My
biggest problem of my dummy head is i'm not a person with mushy lovey thingy. I can write but can never say it out loud. Words worth a years talk.huhu..(aisya is getting crazy i guess). As if for me the human who choose love have to make a difference tho. cuz this is not an ice cream eating competition. or even American idol wher Adam Lambert lost. Ridiculous aint it my point. That is my believe.
i believe love is complicated. more complicated than
0/ love description meanwhile diffrent based on condition. i dun say i hate love but i just never knew it..i thought its just like curry puff..fhewww,but ......tough job..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Flash Please



(frm left,me..mimi..aleng..)

Sweet, sour and spices

The major massive plan had finally been implemented (sounds like business stuff)Me and Kin had been in such penderaan n rebel moment by the housies (people in da home). We slept at 3 after a big endeavor we put on to mesh the chilies...Swear to god..if I ever put this condition to Paris Hilton she collapse before we even put in the picture what shud be done. (Okay enough those lame intro).

I woke up for my shud never been missed stuff (prayer). The I fell asleep without any kesedaran for few hours (sleeping beauty..hehe) until ckin knock on my door n gave a shallow wake-up call(fuhh..i felt my back bone aching).

The picnic day dat we’ve been waiting(I did?). well, we had our breakfast at Mc D which is practically nice n good. But before that we run down the crowding place(I hate crowd) for some reincarnation for my cacti that someone left to me to look after. Eventually ,(its not my fault) 1 of it was dying n now officially dead.(RIP) .seriously I dunno how to take care a cactus. Then the pak cik who sold em told me that I shud only provide this innocent cactus a morning sunlight (ONLY)~obviously I put those pots facing sunlight the entire day..ish3. “Flower it twice a week” which cause these dialogue to revolve in my brain~I dun remember the last time I flower those thingy.(-maaaaaaa,I dun wanna babysit a cactus-). With all the berat feeling to buy the same cactus I grab one of it and get the hell of myself out frm the crowd.

We reach at the family park with my cactus around…fheww..almost noon I guess(I forgot the time-blame my hippocampus tho~). The fall sounds salubrious in my ear n I started to feel like soaring into the freezing cold water. Yet we all end up sweating in the chill because of the loading stuff dat we carry (foods n beverage)..haihhh,,after a minute dat aleng n mimie can’t stand anymore and we all jump in the bank n my spine in a terror quiver..huhu..ckin was the 1st jump into and play the terapung stuff. While ida stay being a ….(MUM ? SIS? LIL SIS? AUNTY? DATIN?) on her seat cuz she’s not swimming dat day..huhu..they…I mean including me..swam till we totally starve n freezing like crazy.

But the, we’re likely to enjoy the day very much,, cackle a lot and ache a lot cuz it’s a few time my foot struck the pebbles ther..heee..we went back at..(I dun really remember..perhaps at 3)..fuhhh..i was so tired n frenzy..n hungry..after having my meals I went to sleep for 5 minutes woke up 30 minutes later n slept at 3.30..