Monday, June 1, 2009


(frm left,me..mimi..aleng..)

Sweet, sour and spices

The major massive plan had finally been implemented (sounds like business stuff)Me and Kin had been in such penderaan n rebel moment by the housies (people in da home). We slept at 3 after a big endeavor we put on to mesh the chilies...Swear to god..if I ever put this condition to Paris Hilton she collapse before we even put in the picture what shud be done. (Okay enough those lame intro).

I woke up for my shud never been missed stuff (prayer). The I fell asleep without any kesedaran for few hours (sleeping beauty..hehe) until ckin knock on my door n gave a shallow wake-up call(fuhh..i felt my back bone aching).

The picnic day dat we’ve been waiting(I did?). well, we had our breakfast at Mc D which is practically nice n good. But before that we run down the crowding place(I hate crowd) for some reincarnation for my cacti that someone left to me to look after. Eventually ,(its not my fault) 1 of it was dying n now officially dead.(RIP) .seriously I dunno how to take care a cactus. Then the pak cik who sold em told me that I shud only provide this innocent cactus a morning sunlight (ONLY)~obviously I put those pots facing sunlight the entire day..ish3. “Flower it twice a week” which cause these dialogue to revolve in my brain~I dun remember the last time I flower those thingy.(-maaaaaaa,I dun wanna babysit a cactus-). With all the berat feeling to buy the same cactus I grab one of it and get the hell of myself out frm the crowd.

We reach at the family park with my cactus around…fheww..almost noon I guess(I forgot the time-blame my hippocampus tho~). The fall sounds salubrious in my ear n I started to feel like soaring into the freezing cold water. Yet we all end up sweating in the chill because of the loading stuff dat we carry (foods n beverage)..haihhh,,after a minute dat aleng n mimie can’t stand anymore and we all jump in the bank n my spine in a terror quiver..huhu..ckin was the 1st jump into and play the terapung stuff. While ida stay being a ….(MUM ? SIS? LIL SIS? AUNTY? DATIN?) on her seat cuz she’s not swimming dat day..huhu..they…I mean including me..swam till we totally starve n freezing like crazy.

But the, we’re likely to enjoy the day very much,, cackle a lot and ache a lot cuz it’s a few time my foot struck the pebbles ther..heee..we went back at..(I dun really remember..perhaps at 3)..fuhhh..i was so tired n frenzy..n hungry..after having my meals I went to sleep for 5 minutes woke up 30 minutes later n slept at 3.30..

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