Saturday, May 30, 2009

Delay my post~gonna be busy soon

Those stories dat I never joke with,,(alamak..starting kindda menyeramkan with those romantic stuff)..Let’s move on to the points that I wanna tell today..The friends of jovial..wakakaka.This short sem had been a lil bit frenzy lately. So much to be express..Most of it really freakin lame n sounds odd to the normality society.(exaggerating y terlampau)
First of all,let e recap a few tagline that cause me to cry tears of mirth. ZAITON… someone named z smthg2 really made me laugh like hell. What a name he gave me tho~
My sports event also had been freeze for a while regarding to my intuition of being dormant seketika..But i still wanna week gonna be a super duper cooper busy week..assigments n project n my proposal..whew..
By the way..i might delay my post cuz kindda desperate for ideas to write stuff..

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