Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just because of..haih

Activate urself with anti-emotional penicillin (guess dats only available in my worldaisya outlet~if it ever exist). My holiday was a holyday lol..i wasn’t really dat holly cuz I still have something to carp and to grumble on from my home all the way to the airport. All I can say its da shortest break I ever had for this entire year. It’s because of little unconditional reason.

My word worth when I’m writing I guess. I went back quite late from any other people. Which because of da d@#$ HRD paper intrude my planner. It was a night flight n after 2 minutes having a seat on 24A I fell asleep. I never listen to any of stupid demonstration by the stewardess. There’s a guy sitting next to me (probably thinking how pathetic diz girl really is~I was hoping I wasn’t snoring). I was so tired tho n it’s a necessity to sleep.

In my dream I planned to buy some coffee because it’s ludicrous to fall having forty winks with 2 guys sitting next to you n mumble smth in Chinese which I guess on the subject of me who fall asleep after 2 minutes came into da flight. Okay forget it cuz at the end of the day I woke up and its already in KLIA. (lucky I didn’t freak to those 2 cuz they didn’t wake me up!)

I reached home about 11..err nope..12 cuz I dropped by to buy some foods (freakin hungry). I was a center of attraction. Maybe its kindda odd seeing girl wif scrf goin out buying foods? Hell idiot’s people.

I spent 3 days sleeping, eating and grow fats at home. Which not even exceed 45 kg..i need to gain weight. So I forced my mum to cook my favorite foods.

After the slug’s n polar bear’s days I went out to have my hair cut…..next story check out the next one!

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