Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So badly hair injury

This is the day wher I sacrifice my love to my beloved excess hair.(like I care so much bout it) Sounds lame,,but forget it tho~since its hot n I need more attention for my hair which I dun have ample time to do it. The frequent time I ever touch my LOREAL conditioner is once a week. (usually on Sunday where I have my shower for more than hour n sing more than 15 song non-stop in da shower)
Back to main point, I have my hair cut that day. I went to da saloon named something dat I couldn’t spell. Precisely with Aleng. Its hot outside n I was gossiping with da Chinese lady in ther. Then she asked “mau cut macam mana amoi?”. With all my shot of moving my throat to speak I pointed at the front door.. “dat one”.Fuh..a lil bit like Ashlee Simpson I don’t noe…whatever..
Then we were starving so much. Our intestine n stomach dance a song hating in da club n dead and gone. It’s really “loco”(crazy). We have few options which we ended up choosing fast food. As usual I ordered da chicken rice. What happen was the cashier was so stupid. I never asked for any sets of food then… he, with all of his unwanted effort gave me the chicken with coleslaw. Then he was so dumb witted as he just removed away the coleslaw n replace it with cucumbers. Hello! We’re talking about chicken rice in the same plate. How cud u use the same plate without cleaning da leftover mayonnaise on da plate (don’t u noe the 3rd thing I hate in diz world is mayonnaise u a@# hole!)
I was so on da top of hottest hell. I grumbled ever since I got the food till I step out from da premise. I cursed the guy badly.

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