Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What did i do in shortsem?

Again, I came back from the shortest break ever. I’m staying in such big college where not exactly everyone staying (dats because its semester break now,n I stranded in this place!)..it was so freakin boring. Tell me 10 things that I can do instead of sleeping ,eating ,grow fat and online for the entire weekdays n weekend. My notebook temperature increase badly cuz it’s been 24 hours since I turned it on.(wicked)

This short semester really made me as a great decipher (to think of something in the boring world). I had been wasting my several 100 hours to watch Korean n Japanese movies n not to forget ort of cheerleader movies n sweet16 competition. I felt like complete dork for staying awake the whole day staring at those search engines. Also paying lots lots of attention on my facebook (which bored me but I still get into it).

What else that I can do than downloading some software frm the cnet.com ,fuhhh..i wish my basketball wasn’t running out of air tho. I begin to prepare for my Japanese class which will be starting on next Monday. All ma team members join the class. My housemate..i mean..lol..so the entire short sem will be Japan mood. We’ll start cooking some okonomiyaki. Sounds sick ain’t it. But then worth than sleeping the whole day I guess. I downloaded few learning pack. Helping a lil in my class.

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