Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spooky~clone something2

Suddenly, I have hot potatoes dat kindda ready to be sold(literary speaking). I kindda bumped into really a ghost-bumps ..The story line a lil bit messy but then I try ma best to expose my very disaster day where I met my alien clone..wakakaka..

Seriously, it may sound like I had knocked onto something stiff n I got brain damage eventually but this is serious. He’s being my temporary rival officially. We had a very unhealthy competiton. Bad calculation of score board which enough to put us into maniac loony frenzy person ever.

The most eerie thing is we had toooooo much coincident. He’s a peniru..wakakakaka..sultan yang perasan..and most of bad stuff I love to oppose. I just cant accept the fact that he loves kinder bueno and dunkin…maaaaa..am I living in clonehedge world or what?????????? And even more..he play basketball as well. We both are totally frequent disaster.Aduhai…just can’t stop laughing n wondering…damage2..

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