Friday, May 15, 2009

Movie Day Out

I’m back!!!Of course there’ll be new hot potatoes in town and more people, public, community, populance...Etc... to be curse by my clumsy fingers (I’d tap dat!)
Well, it’s rainin’ jaws and dolphin (my new idiom..)Dat particular morning. I had planned badly for movie mania (haih..). At last, the rain stopped and we drove to my fav mall JJ(cuz ther r plenty of cute guys hangout at the old town coffee)..outside thers sort of mini jam whatsoever. Bunkface were there(omg SAM!!!!!)
What happen was, we were circling around da mall for’s ridiculous for a big mall but all da shops was like bloody congested wif people(not to mention those with a total freak American backstreet-like).Since Teeka was super consternate wif ‘power kid” movie which we dun even noe what the heck it’s all about, so wif all my poise I picked WOLVERINE..ngee. Its super duper cool. No lemon I guess. Hugh Jackman really made me not spill any of my meticulous behavior. It’s really cool n I love x-men tho. But then, too bad his gf died n he can’t even remember anything ~darn Stryker had shot his frontal lobe n hippocampus I guess with sort of metal bullet amada…something2..(I just wondering if it’s really exist in chemistry periodic table...i just noe cadmium, titanium, platinum). Above of all, those stunts were really salubrious to my eyes.
Then, we went back around 5 which cause my mum to call me repetitiously and of course my bro nagging around (urghh..).We messed up the guardian n Watson..haha..Love makin those salesgirls dizzy n bored..lalala..i was so dead beat n my leg was aching crazy, finally do some ancient times research (I had all those secret boxes under ma bed to be unwrap..ngehehe..)
Then only I remember smth..oh..i was a…err I guess it’s a tragic norm, people called me snooty an ages

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