Tuesday, April 14, 2009

wow..so cool

Gosh!!!Kill me now

It was 8 something something (my English teacher will gone bananas with this word..Haha). My dad called me. Was it my temporal lobe always mendacious to me or I was so in the REM sleep? No way, it was only 8 smth in the evening. What was the thing that made me jigged with merry, rather take the weight off my feet on my bed dreaming and envisage was……HE’S BUYING ME AN i-pod again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This sounded lame but my very lovely apple thingy after I was desperately cursing that Sony outlet.

Btw, I was so impatience on this coming March. He’ll pay me a stopover. And of course with those cute little white thingy which I consider as King of all charming devices in the world (haaa…too exaggerating already…think I’m gonna be sick...)

Come to mama,, Wuhu….this gonna be cool. Finally after the last one drown in da washing mechine. What happen to that Samsung? I’m going to rent it to my brother for extra profit...haha

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