Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monsoon Change

Lately ,the monsoon that blew me into an unconscious+weird habit. Somehow gotta accept it as quite massive season. Development of “me secret vanilla diary” is getting so inevitable, it is now full with color of happiness perhaps,, thers lot of sticker and colorful font inside. This lead curiosity to da neigbourhood…That can’t be help.
Mostly weird is dat I began to take note of the crucial things..hmm,aint that a good jump..My life span lecturer present to be so cute made me wanna do assignment no more at eleventh hour,, have no idea what twister hit me so bad,I even finished ma math assignment..if I had to roll back into the past diz subject will be my demolish factors..haha..
Surprisedly I had bumped into this hot indi band. The songs quite salubrious to my temporal lobe..not bad,,
And a lil terasa with this unconsciously,confuse+slow action potential boy..man!my life isn’t over if I didn’t text him,even he was my crush but…doesn’t mean…you noe,too long to explain such simple stuff. I was terasa when he say he want to off phone,,I’m not a silly seeker..hopefully he didn’t read ma blogs. Cuz its awful to me..gosh,,screw him..i’m not so into guys,boys or men now. I’m getting 4 flat diz time!ngeee..be mind that he WAS my crush..was mean no more now,,
So guess like I need to add more colour in my diary..

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