Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Test is so over tirE

It was around 4 something in the morning I drank my fourth cup of Nescafe. I had been drinking that source of caffeine for the past 3 days. Obviously I looked really unconscious. I think I had overindulge it (is there any side effect?). I was really into my Human Resource Development notes that scattered on my entire bed. There’s not even a space to put my head on except my Tammy that lie really happily ever after. I was creating an up-to-the-minute insomnia malady by drinking the portion of resistance to sleep ( really cari nahas..). I’m still waiting for my migraine to assault.(wait until I rolled like a drowning person on my bed…end up swallowing 2 tablet of painkiller)

The worst is that my eyes looked like Panda (as in the one that u see in the zoo). Surprisedly beneath my unconsciousness I still can read through the lining up words.(the career management system) Sometime somehow I lost between the semantic and the syntac…gosh..i hate my life so much!!!why do we need to read? It was so futile.

Then I plugged my ear the whole night listening to my new song addiction syndrome ( I repeat that one more than 25 times). I regard that as major sick because I can’t separate myself with my mp4. Way to go fantasy girl!!!!

Back to my true point on my midterm…urghh,,picture urself spending the 3 nights of stupid unconsciousness with extra natural makeup of Panda like one the question is so damn twisting your brain off, I felt like my homunculus bump in my skull had little explosion..i need some major serious neuroscience therapy. I wanna tore it off! I hate exams. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..Speaking on the behalf of Neuroscience I screwed it up!! Why there’s a necessity to sketch for neuron?????I wedged on the motor system which I sickly and really ill-focus in my lecture class… (for the god sake)…make me stop ruining my body system.

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