Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the request: BFFF…..

Actually I was confused on this matter. This issue was requested by my pal. One that I adore for his brilliant machine brain. Well anyway….i really had a bad subject verb argument (blame my English teacher!)..huhu..

Move on to the real issue of the day which is BFFF..which I construe as best friend forever f…something…ngaaa,, I lost it already. It’s not really what came across my mind exactly..For my own theory I think BFFF is Be Friendly For Food…(is it??) or Burger French fries For Free..(guess like I’m really hungry since no burger king in Sarawak…..so sad)

Just pulling my leg laaa…but really Burger King is not exist here! Okay stop crapping around (is it in dictionary of crap?). By the way, it’s serious time. For me a friend is a person who we can lean on whenever we had a bad day. A person who never accounted her/his evil deed (even their friend was lyke hell heinous). Okay, when it come to all those superior thingy and angel thingy word I was alerted by my hippocampus and Amygdale memory (emotion memory,,check in neuroscience book). BEYOND all those do you believe a best friend won’t betray?(what am I talking about? Haha) I left that for u people to brainstorm or draw whatever any mind map of your friendship life.Figure it out which part you have a lot of defects.

A real best friend is a person who ready to get busted together... (Hehe,,for any illegal activity). THEY also a person who share secrets, bolster, bed, foodstuff, homework, hobby, boyfriend…oppss wrong one…that one is private properties. Then, he or she’s the one who with you until ur last breath.(unless they die earlier than u..haha). The most vital is NOBODY LEFT BEHIND.. waa..big clap for me for being such a nice interpreter ever…hehe..

*Check out the next blog for lifetime know-how of “BFFF whatever…”haha

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