Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opss i did it again

Felt the big tense hit me with a massive power, somebody blindly don’t puas hati wif me..?that was quite..haha..my language being such crap again..they wish for it so I had to give them the measurement..ngaa..

Trust me, there’s no way they gonna beat me in talking, it doesn’t make sense..i believe they can’t get rid that there are someone better than them. Ther is a guy..Name is hidden because of certain inconvenience..he is sumber tu all of my damn concentration to lost during math class, of course he is the pathetic one..

In tutorial, how come he in the same group with me,,porque..i never invite him. I always wanted someone that better in academic performance. But then for the sake of helping his muka kesian I had to…ngee..what happen then is that he start to condemn me. He starts to talk something that we never ever understand even he repeat it for zillion time. Perhaps his nodes of rxanvier broken apart..What so funny is he don’t noe what he talking about..all crap words..Haha. Then we of course concern on what we are doing..

Believe me again he start to argue on concrete stuff, the simple word is Berlagak Pandai..sort of poyo...COME ON! To be in a team we had to understand on what we are doing and try to accept people’s idea..i bet no one can stand a minute talking to him. Obviously he memang tak puas hati wif me. I can see and all my teammates can see. What the hell wrong with him? dunno..so wif the rest of my damn enemy..that bit**y sedusa,medusa devils wears Prada..ngaa..

Hold ur words my friend. Make sure u understand on whatever u do. If u don’t wanna get embarrassed at the end of the day. I just can laugh loudly. Perhaps on that moment noting can be done..Sedarlah u no match for a great murderer like me..haha..how sad and pathetic..ngaaa..haha

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