Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Phase LOL

Hello here and ther,seemed like gaiety level really pops out!..nay,it doest ,matter at all..obviously I’m happy. I had a crush as in liking a person. I went frenzy half witted intoxicant for days. Just for a QUICKSILVER owner..ngaa..who cud dat be? On certain inconvenience I..can’t continue diz text,,urgh any confession killing me. I’m crossing the Styx,,I guess..ehe

Geeked by my own cardiovascular probs.. Failure to function when I met him. Still can breathe with left over negative oxygen. Whats goin on? I felt not eating da waffle I waited for hour, which I consently want and obsessed. Instead, I graze myself with such craze food ever.. a human smile. Da quicksilver really shuffles off my mortality. It does sound hectic all the way down my diary… ngee..though quite scary cuz I’m so in exhilaration mode. Please I just wanna noe his name..haha..i’m to sound like a stalker is so not me.

Last Wednesday…um last week,I got diz valiant ,dauntless spirit to stare at my subject of happiness..oh my god,please control my emotion system. Think my heart sloping down. I blindly see no constraints. The real word is I had a crush on him. This is a major,massive,big,mighty,grand,extreme crush syndrome…wuuuu..if I compared him to my justea he’ll be the second..(teddy is my prior..justea is my fav drink and I wud die without it)..Hope to c him around,,aiyaah!

Should I break my rule????

Wha…aa..aa..diz year I had promised a lot..including don’t wanna have a crush,,cuz I turn into psychocardiovasculardiabeticity patient. Sorry tammy, diary, pencils,calculator..i cant take it..i cant take it anymore,,my strong intuition to quicksilver non sequitar rules and regulation..waa..sick of diz crush thing..

Let see if I compare him to my hubby matsumoto jun..he’s more cute,talented..he have brain,,eversince I have this session of staring,winking and gazing he is nourishing my life..Even the lame thing is I dunno his name..sounds like a line in a song. Well,I hope my boyfriend Tammy,Natrium Benzoate understand my circumstance. This is inevitable that I’m exaggerating..urgh..difficult..very difficult..hmm

Anyway,he cud be da reason y I consently walk from my college to the faculty..haahaa..sounds insane but dat cud my formula of not being a dork if I’m being sluggish..ehehe..happy shalalala..now I have a new federation in my brain..The Quicksillystruck…=)

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