Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My new Samsung MP4

HEYHOOOO…. I set off to Boulevard to hunt this Sony mp4. What so lousy and ill-fated about that day was that they didn’t have any stock left. I was like…what the…ngee (not an appropriate word to be said by a lady in the crowd so I just shut up).

I was dying for a week because my former one had it systems upside down and the most was that 4 song for 5 hours charged batteries. I was so pissed! And now the salesman (not cute one) saying that he didn’t have stock. That branch should close down (because they didn’t sell my charming Sony mp4!) screwed them. Then what was the purpose of putting those trial models on the exhibition table????Answer me!!!

After liberated my entire grudge at popular bookstore by buying Julie Cohen novel (really serious cool) I dropped by this Samsung outlet. For the good sake since I was dying for one of those “empat segi” thingy. I decided to grab one of those Samsung. Even it can never beat those magnetism Sony but it still cool. With its touch screen button. (I love that one!). HAAAAA….waste some money already, lucky my dad hand me some PAMA scholarship (additional pocket money..hee). Add in some fake persuasion words then. All settle..but..to be continue..

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