Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Asses my assignment using eyes

Anyone ere takin’ HRD???Shame to those mess maker,,let me get this straight..Morpheus is getting uglier than before,,(screw me!). Obviously the activity of uploading the assignment is ascending proportionally due to the improvement of sum stuff in it.

Supposedly each student asses their friend and give comment. U noe what we’re makin a short essay there givin xplaination y we gave them such grade but……what the…h@#$ we get. I can 4give u guys if u’re very slow witted in term of E-N-G-L-I-S-H..but then it doesn’t mean u can’t ask people to help u read. Eradicate ur narrowed pathway of sending lame impulse to ur brain! Come on this one really obvious cuz, we state clearly what we want the recruitment policies shud be. We even highlight it plus UNDERLINE..Very precise and clear..still ther some people makin such crux..are u blind or u just can’t shade some act with fake..??Question mark in my head shud be overloaded by now..

I’m so pissed with that kind of grade, if other 15 people can spot where the h@#$ is our policies why can’t u???Or u shud repeat ur English prep 1 all over again. Have some reinforcement first then asses again. For the god sake!!!! Wanna scream h@#$ to those retarded vision people..

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