Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spirit Willing: Flesh Weak

“When love is on the cards, resistance is futile”

Frantically, I immersed all my emo in this Julie Cohen book,, pretty much consternation there. This February of sick love thingy really kill my portion of living in this world.

Let me isolate my crush thing aside. Give a way to my issue which regarding to Valentine day...Wasn’t it a sick day for sick people who really sick to celebrate their sick partner? (Sue me!) I leave that for u to think…

Curious to noe what is the consummation of that particular day with consummate love…eeeuww…I have zero idea how essential is this day. A guy wasted hundreds dollar to buy special gift. Highest rate of present give to love one is roses...Kill me if my bf ever gives me that. Seriously I really hate roses. Is it what u call eternal love? the flower that can’t even stand fresh for 24 hour...

Human are so dumb in metaphoric thingy. Logically spoken, there are flowers that can endure the environment for a week (tulips, lily). Why roses? Eternal is defined as something everlasting. For roses that stand for a day is it the right symbol??? Think about it, that is why more and more people breakup today..Chea, account that as my theory of life.

Then, move to runner up of best gift to ur soul mate.(ridiculous)..the chocolate. Surely cocoa tree in Holland, Belgium..etc were crying (literally) this is because of human greediness and frenzies of giving away chocs as a gift. Million of chocs were sold every year for this sick event (too much grudge)..cant human think of any other alternative than giving away food that contain high sugar level???merci..merci..

The reason why I condemn this day is that…hmmm..this is what people call the day of remembering ur love one…so, a question here..is it only 14 February every year people will remember that they actually have girlfriend/boyfriend, mum and dad, sister and brother or even friends????What about 13 Feb,30 May? Forgotten already?

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