Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i'm so in hardcore moment

Tell me I’m not dreaming..tell lah..ayyoo..where the heck my brain goes..i don’t remember what dates today..yesterday and tomorrow..creep isn’t it..

What am I doin actually..what is this feeling?what?what?..

Crying can solve anything? No way..

U just wasting ur eye ducts to produce tears..that is damn freaking idiot..

Where did my brain goes???????

My lord…I felt like killing myself, why I fall for him..why I have such idiot feeling..did I have mind body problem or it’s just that the artificial intelligent is better than human…THAT’S NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!Why am I so stupid????Stupid here isn’t about solving the equation E=MC2I HATE BEING ME..probably I should go to see psychiatrist… I’m totally lost..My cortex having problem digesting meaningful word..in bahasa we call it PUTUS FIUS…I’m so sick..sick..sick and sick..tired and too tired..

Why I turn o be this lame..

What is love? A trash…or an ice cream…who said love is ice cream..

How u judge love by food..Ice cream is too soft that is why you lost ur love..How about change the love description to broccoli...Hahaa…..sounds like bronchiole and alveoli..My imagination sucks…too shit to be talk about...I imagine lovey dovey things????

This is so not me..wohoh…he start to freakin me out with his stupid mean joke..It is not funny la stupid..He eat my brain. .he made fried rice with it...i knew it..He is so evil..he dip my brain in the sweet sour sauce in his mom soup of the day too…he chew my brain!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh noooooooooooo..he damn stupid freakin shhhhh…He is the bane of my existence!!!!cruel,mean,devil wears prada,scorpion king…etc…my temporal lobe saket…sick..ill..outta sort…mentally ill…

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