Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Version of sakit kepala

Haluuuu…whats happening lately? Q#$%^%?oh..its just an old crap lame fairy shaggy story..huh..tooo long I guess,forget it. I have to maintain my brain (I had cases of abusing it) until final exam. In a sense of maintaining its equilibrium of fluidity…. Well,that is not as much as what I had faced this week which I can consider major dehydrate in every simple cytoplasm in my cells. I think I had caused my mitochondria to shrink because lacking of power generativity.(too much metaphoric….ngee)

I was so sakit kepala the whole week. Thanks god I took caffeine last week. Thanks to me for being dumb witted. Caffeine is one of the particular illegal drink for me. Leave that to my body system to do it.

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