Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Holiday Without Home

Wutz were we doin last holiday without home? actually I myself me,,do lot of stuff..gettin maself near the Styx of nervousness..haha..well, starting from the end of week b4 semester break college territory seemed under strong typhoon,later no merry at all but then in cafeteria still lots of starving people mockin around for food!hee..the rain n chill still can’t never erase our mountainous desire n food lush..

But then piling up assignment creepin like an ant takin over ma beauty sleep,why do it had to bother us in such comfort rainy day and I was under ma blanket..huuu..wanna sleep..as usual,,even thers yes or no task I still woke up late..havin record of laziness ever..plus havin shower at 4 while other oredy have their 2nd phase of hygene..nggeee..(am I dat bad???)huhu

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