Monday, January 31, 2011


Ths is my roomie, who happen to appoint me as her teddy bear nanny.
Believe me she asked me to feed dat thing with vitamin C and choc flava dutch lady :D

Keeping Up Weight

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool..yes sir yes sir 3 bag full..haha..okay i start typing gibberish here, seriously what was i thinking? W.A.R.M.T.H !!it has been raining for 2 days, of course i feel like m in Stockholm.. Also it has been a sluggish day for me. I was able to get myself on shower in d noon (which i suppose beyond d hygiene rules, pffftt think dat was d perfect time not to be a freezing mummy). So, its been awhile m not posting anything, i dun hav much ideas to brag actually,its holiday and m not going back. That's d irony of my break as a student. I have bunch of stuff basically (i wonder does it kill me faster den a poison). I spend my time doing aerobic in d morning (with firework instrumental song) and jogging on d eve. Thts because i feel like i have a bit of fat on d thigh. (ridiculous aint it) but m not going to do ths for d sake of getting a zero size (absurds)..i'd like to maintain my health. Besides being 22 is not as young as ppl think it is. I'm concern on my cholestrol level. I just wish my body could grow and you noe..not that ppl call u skinny all d time. I've been eating alot and keeping up my weight. :)

On d othr hand, m so addicted to heart aint brain. Not just that but monalisa as well. They really have such a good music to listen to. Thanks to "Hunky grandpa" who gave me dat chris brown song dat now i'm downloading bout 30 of his song :). Thanks granpa (i noe he will kill me for calling him grandpa,but! it suit him well..hunky grandpa who lives somewhere across d globe). Last nite i dwnloaded afgan song..dat Afgan boy look like hero nakamura in HEROES..haha..seriously now i notice dat..not bad for a asian like him to hav a song called dia dia dia..think i've heard d tone somewhere before. One more thing is dat, i cant believe m hooked up with Korean dramas!!!oh god pls just make me stop..i noe dat my external still have broad spaces for such a thing. I mean its contagious!!!grrr..btw i gotta fly 1st..see u ppl soon!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I eat alot :) Mr Hunky see this,i follow ur nasihat :)

Somewhere Across The Globe

My back cracks :(. It is d most tiring week ever! Ther are so many things circulating around me. The final year project, its uhhh, harghhh.. anyone here can help me find a bank dat i can submit my research and interview, darn~oh m getting insane, reli getting insane. Feel I'm stranded smwhere across d globe dat have grasses and weeds for food. This ain't logic thinking. Okay i'll be mental..

However smth dat sparks my weeks really help me out. I sort out my life accordingly now. :) I will work harder!
1. to be happy all d time
2.wake up next morning and smile
3. eat alot so dat i grow up
5. dont shit ppl
6. Put muse & chris brown in my music player
7. Listen to them when i...
8. Not to be over-stress

I love you world!Thanks for such awesome week :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bad Day,Bad Luck

There's a cut on my feet and there's a blood stain in my shoe. Bad day, bad luck :(
It happened wen I was going out frm thesis room. Its either i had a black cloud following me or its just my unlucky day. Dat kerb!!!very d harmful,,seriously its like pulling my intestine out. "sakit gle!" . I purposely dun wanna take a peek on it cuz its bleeding T_T..apelah malang sgt today. Think i got an early signal over this. (i actually brought my cute tiger comes with colors and designs :)) at least m not dat freak out..

The Ballade of Monalisa [ILY panic! at the disco]

She paints her fingers with a close precision
He starts to notice empty bottles of gin
And takes a moment to assess the sin she’s paid for...
A lonely speaker in a conversation
Her words are swimming through his ears again
There’s nothing wrong with just taste of what you paid for
Say what you mean tell me im right and let the sun rain down on me give me a sign
I wanna believe
Whoa Mona Lisa, you’re guaranteed to run this town Whoa Mona Lisa I’d pay to see you frown
He sense something call it desperation another dollar another day and if she has the proper words to say she’d tell but she’d have nothing left to sell him...
Say what you mean tell me I’m right and let the sun rain down on me give me a sign I wanna believe
Whoa Mona Lisa, you’re guaranteed to run this town Whoa Mona Lisa I’d pay to see you frown
Oh Mona Lisa
Say what you mean tell me I’m right and let the sun rain down on me give me a sign
I wanna believe
Whoa Mona Lisa, you’re guaranteed to run this town Whoa Mona Lisa I’d pay to see you frown
Say what you mean tell me I’m right and let the sun rain down on me give me a sign
I wanna believe
There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for....

Whats up with that weekend

May all d hatred gone and blithe circulate my day ;]. The first day of d week I can't say i have time, darn even on weekend I was dictated by work. (too bad). Journals tried to compel me which end up them reading me. Yesterday d power went out, as for a happiness dummy I just stay like a deadpan in d room, gazing onto d ceiling and start singing as if d world is now have my name written on it. Indeed it was a pathetic Sunday. Well, I hate dat kind of Sunday, I had repetitiously having shower, darn its hot and you noe wen d power went out dat means no fan and all plus nature being too cruel. Not even a hush of wind. So I stayed annoyed with d sunlight torched into my room. I had migrain because its too hot. (ths thing is sensitive to heat). I end up blackout myself. Thats just another story. It was going on for 6 hours and afternoon was horrific :(

Friday, January 21, 2011

Give up? Over My Dead Body

I was so infected by ths lumpish fever. I had it with smiles and blithe (i hope so). Well, d day started really well, as m on d early errand to faculty. Tonight I'll be here in d room alone since my roomie got eleventh hour call frm her cousins and she went back to her gramps. Kindda odd when u dun have anyone to joke with. (m gonna miss 2 nites not callin her kayak). We shud be on war by now, and she wont stop repeating d shirt issue of day, if she was ever here. She left her teddy for my watch. Well, its an epic eve, with Sandy not replying my text (asking her to go for dinner). Think she's asleep tho, plus its a tiring week. I wish I cud jump on my bed and start snoring for d god sake. However, to get a piece of peace in ur head, dats difficult. Especially wen ur tummy growled like a hunger wolf T_T . (I did d best I could do to survive tonight). Thts not d beauty of being lazy. When was my meal exactly, oh yeah d afternoon prosperity burger at Mc D.

The lucky Friday dat we're talking about is d day with seriously human resource system class. Pardon me wen I have to stay alive for 5 hours. Holy cow! The class tht only appear twice a month really tiring. What on earth were they talking bout database and all. I need a break, tmrow is Saturday, perfect i need a nap before i cud start being a machine again. Fuhhhh. What is exactly going on in my life, I nvr knw myself. Guess I need to recharge battery for next week, shud be a busy week..Where was I again? Oh okay, the HRIS class..its grouping day!!!!i hate diz i hate diz, really freaking hate ths :( ths is my final sem, i dun wanna be in a team dat have trouble makers, hmm lucky I got on d boat wiv martha and ding ling, oh my savior. hope diz things work well, i cannot afford getting low marks, cuz m telling u ths is my final semester. Anything can pull my heart out. Fuhh~ chill okay chill,,i can do ths, i have to work more,, m not giving up on the last check point. Giving up?Over my dead body. I will nvr ever ever ever give up.

Speaking bout give-up, I'm on my way on pilot test :) shud be finishing soon. Thesis really killing me. Part 2 pls dun hell trouble me :(. Fighting! (too much korean influence). Wont give up, cuz i hate seeing myself being a coward who gives up. There's always a way out, unless u dun wanna put an effort on it, unless u dun wanna try a bit harder. There's no definition of give-up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Precious Manner

Hey pretty ugly, its been awhile since my lappy went upside down and got a high fever. (seriously) Whats up today, I had nothing much to brag because wen d idea of crap keep on coming but d technology get stuck then u feel sucks. (excuse me for my vocabulary). Its just early of d semester and m beggining to freak out over d invisible workload. I dun wanna go beyond d work stuff, as in time for myself. Well, i wonder if d time is capable to spare sum time for me and myself. Ths week has been so tiring and extreme no-perks. The moment u wake up in d morning d questions dat blow ur mind is dat “do i have to wake up?”. I’ve been running outta energy. I had 2 hectic day with no time to give a peek onto my bed. Class schedule, softskills, student board things; those make me worn out. Most of d time my energy been drained out for sum educational stuff. (i think i just poped a neuron by thinking of these).

Here come the after 2 things, when i think dat suppose to be my free time, ok ths is not exciting anymore,its like m flipping a chunky book which i nvr knw how many page are they until u stop flipping. (never ends). Oh yeah not to mention I have issues being nice with boys. Its either it get me nervous or fire up in rage (u noe like a volcano). Obviously I have issues to talk about regarding boys manner. I’m not being prejudice & discrimination mental. (neither). I’m not gonna waste my time scolding ppl, cuz i juz find dat my life is so precious and I dun have time for lame things (honestly). I’m just pissed wiv few of parasites dat never get it tho i’ve been draining saliva to get rid of it. (i can die with hatred). How cud u be so annoying at someone else page. Ths specific individuals (plural) really pissed me off. I accidently replied a comment with “fuck!”..come on, seriously, whoever get me pissed, they shud be sorry.

I’ve been repeating diz line “m on final semester” for more than dozens of times ryte,trust me being a final sem student is very depressing! When i get depress i tend to read alot. Its either i have internal conflict and get mixup i nvr noe myself. And yeah, i was hoping dat my friend will text me cuz i tot he vanish sumwhere on earth. Its not like m gonna kill him anyway. Okay now i got head ache. Ths is really “luahan perasaan” damn it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Format Lappy

Feel like say m sorry..hahah..anyway..gotta run for smth..i need to format my lappy :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lost prince in shining armor?hahaha..

So tht my dream will come true :)..nay i dun really like d idea of dat, but lately i was having bad dreams bout pain,dunno wth was dat suppose to mean, gotta be cautious tho. Man, i feel like my brain is going to fall off just by thinking bout nonsense stuff. Today! I wear "baju kurung" yeay..monday is supposed to be formal day, so here i am,, tht is one of my 2011 resolution (ahah!wait till d day i went hectic and start to run in jeans again :P). I just browse my page and find two little bugs spamming my wall wiv d word "huh?" okay it takes 15 minutes to delete notifications and d stupid wall post!!!!arghhh,,i can go vile!gimme a break, what does "huh" means??i feel like my day had been sacked by a lumpish viruses..those two ppl r going to pay!!damn,,every status i posted come out wiv d commnt "huh"..m beginning to worry whether dey had sum brain damage or smth,,

Today's class is quite fun! we have sum sortta mini presentation on work life balance, dat was done after a movie "the click" starring Adam Sandler. We need work life balance but dun get mixup cuzzzz..balance doesnt mean 50% life and 50% doubt,it suppose to be an integration between both. Yeah i realized now dat i need diz thing cuz i can avoid inter/intra role conflict as i go on being an HR . I mean i dun wanna get tangle up in circumstances dat cost me to have an overlapping role. Big word control emotion. That is totally a hard thing to i wish therz somebody who is patience enav to handle dat they wont complaint,,"can u stop being emotional" hmmm..okay there's no such as thing as that. (no one will be dat kind i

Seems like its not going to rain today (not just yet) i miss basketball really,i wanna smash the ball hard!as hard as i can!throw it in d ring and scream "yeah!!!!!dats awesome". Anyone??wanna play wimme..???wish ther'll be d lost prince in shining armor come and play basketball wimme (semoga doa nina jd kenyataan..hahha)...okay now m talking nonsense! :D daaa..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Merry merry miss independent

So happy so happy..why d hell m so happy after reading 4 article with d entire pages full of highlighter and color..haha..diz morning i went to library to print out 48 page journal article. Whoa, its damn freezing outthere and of course almost died bcoz of my blood vein on winter blocked..hahha..its indeed a useful sunday for me..i walk alone to busstop and caught d keledekz..okay i have no problem wiv em so i juz ignore or else it going to be duck and chicken debate..(u noe what i mean anyway). I dunno waiting for bus can make ur backbone cracked,haha..i got back ache because of bus stop steel seat..its kinda weird but i bet its architect stuff,i dun wanna care, simply not my cup of tea. Burblesque wil be out tmrow (excuse me for the type if therz any). I booted up my lappy while ago and taken aback because those parasite had contaminate my page..jeez,,brandee & beb deth..they shud cross d styx !!believe me d only vocab dat ever exist for em is m getting insane with dat absurd word..haha,,feel like cramming their mouth with a pile of wasabi :D btw they're d coolest friend i ever hangout despite of their annoyance and absurdity..tchh..(dats makin me wanna cut them into pieces and grind em i d mixer). Being miss independent is so awesome anyway!!self-sufficient :) grrrr.its chilly i better get my winter glove now..see ya :)

Behind The Scene

Even though I got d lines rehearsed
A picture only paints a thousand words
Things dun always what they see
You're only seeing apart of me
There's more than u could ever know
Behind the scenes
I'm incomplete and I'm undone
But I suppose like everyone
There's so much that going on
Behind the scene

This is the moment
It’s on the line
Which way you gonna fall?
In the middle between
Wrong and right
Are you who you always said you would be?
With a sinking feeling in your chest
Always waiting for someone else to fix you
Tell me when did you forget

Loreal Paris ELSEVE smooth intense

The last time m using herbal essence think it smells good rather than d effect. I was using d long term relationship one (pfffttt...why the hell it has such name on its red bottle). So I changed! been using Loreal for A YEAR ALREADY,, i really need a hair cut but i tell u what ths is d best hair treatment product. Oh, m using d orange color one, avoid puffiness,,so avoid being stupid wavy again..However, d shampoo doesnt work well without d conditioner. I used to hate loreal because it smells chemical BUT i was wrong . Tht was probably years ago,,I dun really remember d price..but d conditioner is rm15, d shampoo is around rm 18, d mask is rm 20++ and d serum is rm36..but it worth buying :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain Pours

Its a relieved~fuhh..finally somebody come over to fix d shower yesterday. Means, i can sleep well without a second thought being haunted by d water flowing as if therz a fire next door (dats d dillema of living next to d shower room and toilet). You wud noe anyone coming in for showing for d god sake! Its 5.58 in d morning, swear to god its not as well as i thought. Its freezing cold, as if my skull had been frozen to death after slaughtering. Still talking bout dat shower, suprise!!!d water flow like a blind machine gun. Earlier diz month I thought of taking back a few buck frm my college apartment fees because we have to shower using sink's pipe. (of course, all d curse coming out esp. on eleventh hour). I wonder why these days it keeps on raining. Days and nights,,d sky eventually get a big hole and der goes d raindrops..(absurd theory).

By chance do u guys love rains? Its not dat bad tho xcept it gives u flood, thats it but i love rains. It has been one of my obstinate manner,because my parents used to forbid me goin out for rain-shower thing. I always catch cold if i were to get into d rain. I even had 39 degree celcius temperature. (how sad an airhead asshole like me defeated by rain). It has been d second week of semester already, despite of my final semester its probably my final time being here as a student. Here comes d epic mments..ths university teach me smth and leave me smth dat i can carry back to my home soon. Ahhh i hate being so epic!shud be ready cuz HR is d position dat ppl hate d most. So i need to be a lil indifferent..dats all for diz morning.ahhh, i started feel hungry again.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Such as thing as Love?

"i miss you till the point of death"
First, why wud an arrogant like me missing smbdy who left for such uncertainty he created. In fact asking me to stop loving. Ths was an old story, probably get rusty over time. (but not for me) You ppl you dunno how my life had been going on those day. Yeah, I still keeping my pride, tho I wish I cud grab his collar and scream on him. "Do u noe how much i went mental?do u noe dat i love u damn much!!do u get me?do u hear what i'm saying??". Afterall it was just voices inside my brain. I can't even get a chance to see him nor talk to him tho i really wanna stand before him and make him see what m I. I ever asked a question, i wanna make sure, whether its really true ppl can fall in love with attitude. Also, I wanna reassure dat relationship can get interference with silly things.

Situation: There's a girl you bumped at the mall with her friends,she talk English but she's a malay,she gotta awkward chesty expression (in other word arrogant). What do you think?

It served right on my nose because d answer was, "no feeling,not my taste". It was rather laughable than shedding tears. So, that day I got all the answers that I wanted so much. There is no such as thing as falling in love with attitude. If something dat look ugly before the crowd, it can never turn into something pretty. (i overlooked on love). If d whole world said they hate it, its impossible there's only one person being so kind of liking dat attitude. I was dissapointed because d girl in d situation was me. Even more being dismay because of d person who answers it. So now, I don't ever believe anything regarding attitude-love whatsoever. (don't ever said I'm different because of my attitude cuz I hate it,really hate it and don't ever tell me m just d same with othrs either).Afterall, I will never give up my appaling manner. For me now d test of sincerity is when u can accept someone the way dey are regardless of wht shape they're in. Then only u feel happy about it. I tell u what d feel of acceptance is more precious than winning a Grammy because when u sincere, u'll still be happy no matter what happen.

think m just goin insane by never stop loving u
i hate u i hate u i hate u

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Time passed by and I dunno what m I doing. Again, I was drown in confusion. Is ths really d thing dat I wanna do?? Its like eating apple with a taste of pineapple. I'm not in a mood of talking to anyone anyway. Btw its hot in here, very hot and i hate being in such temperature. I wish m in africa now, sleeping with zebras and d giraffe. Oh yeah its morning here and great I have class in d next one hour. Outside, its raining cats and dogs..The coldness??I dun feel any~Morning class really pissed my mood off! I dun like seeing moody ppl, its like seeing a maple tree walking. I'm trying to cntrol every bitch inside me so that i'm not going to be moody before my friends cuz it looks ridiculous tho. C'mon, u shud do tht too, we're in such adult age and we still prone to such manner. (too much). Well, sorry to say, m not born to sweet-talk othrs. (all d best if u're expecting anything frm me). The only person dat I ever sweet-talk is my buddy (bueno). Arghhh ths is ridiculous y wud i sweet-talk ppl!!anyway, d class is at 8..i better lift my ass off d bed before running late. Really hate wen i had to rush over for showers and ol..For d god sake I smell like steamboat!!!i need a proper smell before going to class, i was having a dinner at d steamboat last nite and sneaking into cinema for "season of the witch". I was totally famished that i cudn't get up frm my seat. Then, I watch those creepy sartan thng in cinema wiv a beef like smell..hahha..its quite awesome.. seems like our operation had started!next stop..i go..cheers :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pushing The Car

Yesterday especially, I've done couple of things dat can be considered as insane. It was raining right after we marched into d Saberkas building (its a gadget heaven). I was looking for a new external :) (samsung external). It was hectic cuz we're goin all over d place, i obviously dun wanna accept any kind of brand xcept SAMSUNG!!haha..whatta fuss. Finally i managed to get rid of d hourly empty search by buying d green one!(of course still samsung) tell u what if therz a pendrive, a mouse dat produced by samsung i'll be d first buying those crap..It took 10 mintes for d guy to get my external in his store room..So d left over time was taken to stare at d glassy box with HTC Mozart in it :) its cute but it cost 2k smth.. :(..ths is d best part, d tragedy in car park..d car acted out!!shit~its raining outside so we called mimie's bf, and we have to what???push d car and try boot up d engine??hahha..ths is d best joke ever if therz one. So me wiv my bony hands,pushing hard and ther goes d bitchy car..dat was hilarious, me tim aleng and mie pushing d car down..kindda thing dat we nvr come across before,, (the bolehla guy who own d car mmg nk kena tembak) stop we're goin to sp and spend a few hours of the one at was so unfortunate..i already got one ELLE shoe (one i bought during my hols) now what???..(my dad will kill me) hahaha..sorry but i have to buy one flat shoe,,its better den i bought sum boyish nike sneaker..ths shud be better,,i'm so freakin wash-out when d clock strike legs were ol we're off to college..dat was a hectic day,,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clone Thing

Fuyooo!!ths is cool+weird :D i ad been seeing ths thing quite sumtime, since d semester opened. First thing i tot its nothing but when its repetitiously facing it,,i think m in a clone world, first i saw a guy who work in my college cafeteria,duhhh,he just a cafe boy but he look exactly like "tht ol evil". I'm really going mental as if i wanna bury him alive!wring his head off!twist his neck! gosh,then i remind masev he just a cafe boy whose innocent and probably don't even noe therz a mental person who hate him because of his face. I was having a schizo moments (i'm going to kill u..said a voice in my head..haha). A few days later, i almost hye a girl dat look exactly like Bill (my fren) gosh..ths is insane..why wud in a name of god i have to see all of these. I can go vile with all this clone thing. Not long after that, I saw someone dat look like my buddy (kentang)..oh my god, ths even more insane!!!its like seeing a ghost!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


" and i dunno how to be fun when i'm not, cuz i dunno how to make a feeling stop"
"thought u shud noe i try my best to let go of u"

Its a bit epic isn't it? A caveat for my brain before I went upside down on weekend. Do not get close with mushy poetry!I have no idea what to do on weekend? Lets see, if i were to play basketball, d fact is dat i'll get hell washed-out and probably spending sum 12 hours to sleep. I havent touch d ball for quite sumtime. My bony hand probably going ricket :D and my legs are getting feeble for games. I started to miss all d fun dat i had back ther (when i was still perky and insane). Its not dat i loose my interest but I have a sardine-box timetable. I really need somebody who can spend time wimme and play this crap out. When we get tired we stop and starts talking bout gadgets and new stuff. Well, seems like i dun have a buddy dat will talk gibberish bout PSP mobile and how cool mozart is. I still love the game so much. The best thing bout basketball is when u can do flips or dunk. It makes u feel like d world is yours. Then u wont stop throwing,bumping and anything dat ppl do in court. It was fun. I used to rip my pants and my knee (dat was a must,haha). Basketball can change life and can even give life. Sports always..always make relieved my messy brain. When i had smth unsolicited like last minute assignment date changed or anything, basketball give me fair time to let go all d burden in my head. When I step on it, i forget everything, I was d wildest person u ever seen. I'm so mental. Lately i kindda lost, d ball was my remedy but now i'm starting to miss it. Very badly. I used to be a dumb asshole and lumpish,haha..i even put sum serious feature, for me to have a guy i need to find somebody who play basketball..haha,d idea was to date on court,,stupid ain't it,so if ppl asked me why m i so keen and so frenzy on diz basketball thing, simple...BASKETBALL is my food for life..pathetic answer,tell u what in court u're free to scream,yell, throw,bumping,purposely knocking someone down..dats d idea,Well m starving now,see ya ppl.. (i owez have d unfinished lines ryte) haha..till then

Unconditional Hair

Go bald! Go bald! Have u ever feel miserable when ur hair grow unconditionally like mental rapunzel? I never had a banshee hair before! So, one line "I need a haircut". After awhile, I thought keeping a hair wud be so great (with help frm my Loreal) but what happen was when u wake up in d morning d 48 hours antifrizz was absolute futile. (as if like i was on d bungee jumping last nite). One weird thing bout ths hair is dat, whatever design u have on d first place wen it grow it will always have a V shape!weird hair!(was wondering whether my hair got some spirit live inside). Probably diz is because of my lumpish laziness..hmmm..u see having a complete hair treatment will make u spend more time in d shower..haha, I skipped d mask and d serum, (perhaps dats d problem). Right now I want a hair like d step up 2 girl..jeez (if dat so i cant have a hair cut) !!Long hair is like "too much stories" think about how may hair do u have..i think hair is so much like life. urghh..m so freaking starving now,gotta go 1st,need a shower!ahaha!


I booted up my lappy and straightaway log-on to MalaysiaAirlines website. I was planning on going back to KL for this Chinese New Year :] I heard d new thng called Firefly coming to town, so jst my luck! its d best price i ever deal with, i mean for standard service, with 15 kg max baggage but extra 5 kg with sum allowance. Not to mention d meal :PIts only MYR 24 AND MYR 68..hey ppl grab d deal fast. However m still in doubt whether i shud fly back or not..hoho..good day everyone

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ths morning I was bewildered just by looking out d window. Rise and shine! The sunlight torch out straight to my pupil and i feel like having cornea surgery. (my bad). It took 7 minutes to return into normal condition. What a nice start and here come d best part,the shower wasn't workin. For the past month the only thing dat could probably pissed me off in the morn was d shower cap suddenly on drought. As a human being dat care so much bout hygiene, its rational for me to lodge a complain on diz. (duhh,its early of d semester). They can't shit me cuz ths is not sweden where on winter d wter probably freezing,so its not flowing thru d shower. Ths is really getting on my nerve. I may not an engineering student,but such thng shud never exist after a month hols. What r they doing anyway??were dey putting PVDF pipe underground??(urghh). I have to downstairs to do my business. Tht cost me 2 minutes to go downstairs and 3 minutes to climb up again.(ths is barbaric)
Did i ever told you ppl morning class usually end up awesome?nope rite,dat was probably a phantom me. Strategic Human Resource Development class today got something dat really something. Now only I know dat I'm actually graduating as a specialist in HRD. Pathetic ain't it?Now only u noe who u are besides discovering my personality and I had done tons of personality whatsoever test. It's really mental!Today is my lucky day :( I was d first one pointed to answer a question. (excuse me for my lolypop on my left hand and microphone on d right). However, its not a hectic day cuz m still here talking nonsense(gibberish is my genetic),since for d entire week I dun even have evening class. (epic!).

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Word Smart::Music Smart

Alright people, what I learnt tday was smth awesome. Its somethg to do with personality and work life balance. Well its a new subject (again,we're d guinea pig here). After several minutes I discovered dat my personality wud be:


No doubt m a word smart cuz i love to read!reli love books and reading things. You see,sometimes wen u flip d front cover u can be so curious how d ending wud be. I'm sortta dat type. Besides nobody read books to get to d middle. I love thesaurus plus a portable dictionary. I noe its kindda weird but dats what happen. Music smart of course!everything about me can be define in musics. One of d song dat probably describe me (Francesca Battistelli-Free to be me). So that was it!!my second day of class. Ahh m gonna miss ol of this after d may end soon.

Stupid Girl: ‘Perempuan gedik yang very the suka mintak duit lelaki’ PANAS!!

First of all this is version yg a bit kasar. I dun have niat to point out to anyone but it’s a lesson for everyone. This is very general okay. Aku tak kisah orang nak ban aku but if its truth nak buat camne.

Simple je topic ni, perempuan gedik yang very the suka mintak duit lelaki. Kalau dah married takpe. But in this world rarely la I jumpa org yg dah married buat “ what’s yours is mine” biasela, before marriage whatever pn yours wen dah married “what yours remain yours, mine is mine”. I met a lot of people in this world. I had travel far away frm home and see gelagat manusia yg sometimes merepek mcm kerepek yg direpek. I’m so allergic ble ade org kutuk my own kind. Which is obviously the XX gene. But to deny the points yg dilontarkan cm lempar cakera tu, I can’t because definitely I lost my case. Perempuan gedik yg suka mintak duit lelaki ni mmg exist. I dun understand why the hell nk buat cmtu. Mintak duit Kalau nk buat ubat cancer or sakit jantung ke xpe gak. Ni nak buat shopping, travel and so on..Ridiculous betol. Please la ak bukan nk mengutuk tapi Kalau dah bajet hotttt mcm hot dog kat Kyros Kebab memang tak tahan. Dahla bajet hottt mntk duit kt bf plak tu. Untuk ape ko jadi hot gle kalo mntk duit bf ko at the end of the day bf ko tu bley bankrupt. Tak pn bf ko tu pg carik pmpuan lain and revenge kt org lain. Shucks!. Dalam dunia ni byk cara dari bajet hot. Ak tau ko hot tapi ak ni dah travel byk and ak jmpe byk kawan2 yg mmg glerrrr hotttt dr ko tp perangai diorg senonoh arah. Honestly, I love stalking cute and pretty girls. Especially yg berakhlak mulia. Sgt ske tgok. I’m not homosexual okay, but I just love watching them. Paling penting diorg tu tak mntak duit bf diorg and sgt sopan santun (yg original).

In this world we dun have to be such parasite okay. We live in the round shape earth, trust me what goes around comes around. I dun give a shit seriously. Kalau ak jmpe pmpuan cmni kat tepi jalan mmg aku tampar. Kalau my brother’s gf mcm tu mmg aku ugut bunuh pmpuan tu. Gile duit sangat. Bukannye mati pn kalau xshopping kat zara,MNG, and so on..Dahtu nk plak holiday kat aussie la,Sweden la, medan la, bali la, Singapore la..pkai la duit sendiri. Semua nk mntk bf, gle kentang la. Lg satu ske sgt fake fake fake…shape, perangai nmpak okay. Kat blakang perangai cm hape je. Alahai kalau nk bgn dr tmpat duduk pn nk cover ape kes!!!Aku yg pmpuan ni pn lemau tgok. Kalau nk dudk just sit.If you wanna do it just do it. Faking yourself in public doesn’t make u a diva. Please.Not To Me! This type of girl will never learn to be a –never-spoiled-child-.So learn a lesson la.

New Songs

First of all, hello virtual world!urghhh i got d same freaky dream again. I wonder how my brain work after i lie on bed. Its the fourth day of two zero eleven (like spelling things). Here come the latest playlist:

1. Gone- Nelly ft Kelly Rowland
2.Avril Lavinge-What The Hell
3.The Band Perry-You Lie
4.Fucking Perfect-Pink
5.Speechless-Alicia Keys ft Eve
6.Liv Tonight-Nelly ft Keri Hilson
7.Six foot seven foot-Lil Wayne

Note dat sum of d song are not in Malaysia yet (:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cool Mozart

  • Weight:130 grams (4.59 ounces) with battery
  • Type: Touch screen with pinch-to-zoom capability
  • Size: 3.7 inches
  • Resolution: 480 x 800 WVGA
  • Camera:8 megapixel color camera::Auto focus and Xenon flash::Built-in scenes include candlelight, landscape, and portrait match the environment of your subject
  • Platform5:Windows® Phone OS 7
  • Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery polymer or Lithium-ion battery
  • Capacity: 1300 mAh
  • Talk time:WCDMA:: Up to 330 mins--GSM: Up to 405 mins
  • Standby time3:WCDMA: Up to 435 hours--GSM: Up to 360 hours
  • Internal storage: 8 GB
    ROM: 512 MB
    RAM: 576 MB



New Year Appearance:

Mission 2011:
Sun and Lemonade [freedom]
Wrap 2010 in a box
Eternal Breakthrough
Getting Job

I decided:
Wrist Band dat look like an ancient amulet
Musics Addiction
Rugby fanatic
Favourite Smell
Kinder Bueno
ahhhhhhhhhhh,,,its a long list i decided to be myself!
who cares a girl talk in english because she loves it, and it has nothing to do with other ppl
who cares a girl do something silly, because that herself
who cares a girl who being an airhead..i like being myself..a change will take thousand years to be perfect and i dont need perfections.


New Year. Tragedy

I've been wanting to write alot of stuff beforehand but since I got some chaos happening around so ths is d only chance I sit by my lappy with total power over ths blog. Happy New Year!!Two zero eleven dat I anticipate to be d great challenge and massive responsibility. I have 4 month to go before I drop my status as a student. Ths probably the thng dat freaking me out. How m I going to survive outthere. (scary). BTW my new year celebration started wiv the engagement. My cousin's engagement. It was fun but not that fun (when it come to be in a circle wiv d elders). I declare the most allergic question of the year to be : Are you seeing someone? Damn, in a simple word, are u dating someone now, do you have boyfriend. Gosh,why wud I answer that anyway. Think I shall use a tag name with words [I'm not 25. A bacheloratte. Manner: Fail. Note: Stay away frm me]. I'm no longer affected with the word "arrogant" because thats what d elders keep telling me to stop being one. They said I chased ppl away because m a airhead and arrogant freak. Ths is ridiculous! It doesnt matter how pathetic or nosy or whatever it takes a person can be, thts not a point. The point is those ppl ran away. Simple, they're not sincere enav if they can't accept u the way you are. Thts gonna end up both ppl doing ridiculous thng and making ridiculous decision. So, that's gonna be the most hated question of d year!Finish d argument bout tht,let's just skip d never ending conclusion.
Today! is my 1st day of class and last nite was my 1st day in college. Of course u wont be able to see alot of human being hanging out under apartment building cuz some of em are still in vacation mode. It was d freakiest nite ever!Bad nightmare reli kills me :O Anyone here can explain how on earth your dream turn up to be horrible. I can feel d pain after I was shaken abruptly by dat thng. Jeez, pls no more such dream! So, today d class officially start wiv Mdm Dyg Kartini :) However before goin to class shower was d most difficult thng! It was indeed cold like Europe winter season!!!!and suprisely!!!thnk i' HOMESICK!