Sunday, January 16, 2011

Loreal Paris ELSEVE smooth intense

The last time m using herbal essence think it smells good rather than d effect. I was using d long term relationship one (pfffttt...why the hell it has such name on its red bottle). So I changed! been using Loreal for A YEAR ALREADY,, i really need a hair cut but i tell u what ths is d best hair treatment product. Oh, m using d orange color one, avoid puffiness,,so avoid being stupid wavy again..However, d shampoo doesnt work well without d conditioner. I used to hate loreal because it smells chemical BUT i was wrong . Tht was probably years ago,,I dun really remember d price..but d conditioner is rm15, d shampoo is around rm 18, d mask is rm 20++ and d serum is rm36..but it worth buying :)

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