Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain Pours

Its a relieved~fuhh..finally somebody come over to fix d shower yesterday. Means, i can sleep well without a second thought being haunted by d water flowing as if therz a fire next door (dats d dillema of living next to d shower room and toilet). You wud noe anyone coming in for showing for d god sake! Its 5.58 in d morning, swear to god its not as well as i thought. Its freezing cold, as if my skull had been frozen to death after slaughtering. Still talking bout dat shower, suprise!!!d water flow like a blind machine gun. Earlier diz month I thought of taking back a few buck frm my college apartment fees because we have to shower using sink's pipe. (of course, all d curse coming out esp. on eleventh hour). I wonder why these days it keeps on raining. Days and nights,,d sky eventually get a big hole and der goes d raindrops..(absurd theory).

By chance do u guys love rains? Its not dat bad tho xcept it gives u flood, thats it but i love rains. It has been one of my obstinate manner,because my parents used to forbid me goin out for rain-shower thing. I always catch cold if i were to get into d rain. I even had 39 degree celcius temperature. (how sad an airhead asshole like me defeated by rain). It has been d second week of semester already, despite of my final semester its probably my final time being here as a student. Here comes d epic mments..ths university teach me smth and leave me smth dat i can carry back to my home soon. Ahhh i hate being so epic!shud be ready cuz HR is d position dat ppl hate d most. So i need to be a lil indifferent..dats all for diz morning.ahhh, i started feel hungry again.

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