Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year. Tragedy

I've been wanting to write alot of stuff beforehand but since I got some chaos happening around so ths is d only chance I sit by my lappy with total power over ths blog. Happy New Year!!Two zero eleven dat I anticipate to be d great challenge and massive responsibility. I have 4 month to go before I drop my status as a student. Ths probably the thng dat freaking me out. How m I going to survive outthere. (scary). BTW my new year celebration started wiv the engagement. My cousin's engagement. It was fun but not that fun (when it come to be in a circle wiv d elders). I declare the most allergic question of the year to be : Are you seeing someone? Damn, in a simple word, are u dating someone now, do you have boyfriend. Gosh,why wud I answer that anyway. Think I shall use a tag name with words [I'm not 25. A bacheloratte. Manner: Fail. Note: Stay away frm me]. I'm no longer affected with the word "arrogant" because thats what d elders keep telling me to stop being one. They said I chased ppl away because m a airhead and arrogant freak. Ths is ridiculous! It doesnt matter how pathetic or nosy or whatever it takes a person can be, thts not a point. The point is those ppl ran away. Simple, they're not sincere enav if they can't accept u the way you are. Thts gonna end up both ppl doing ridiculous thng and making ridiculous decision. So, that's gonna be the most hated question of d year!Finish d argument bout tht,let's just skip d never ending conclusion.
Today! is my 1st day of class and last nite was my 1st day in college. Of course u wont be able to see alot of human being hanging out under apartment building cuz some of em are still in vacation mode. It was d freakiest nite ever!Bad nightmare reli kills me :O Anyone here can explain how on earth your dream turn up to be horrible. I can feel d pain after I was shaken abruptly by dat thng. Jeez, pls no more such dream! So, today d class officially start wiv Mdm Dyg Kartini :) However before goin to class shower was d most difficult thng! It was indeed cold like Europe winter season!!!!and suprisely!!!thnk i' HOMESICK!

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