Monday, January 10, 2011

Pushing The Car

Yesterday especially, I've done couple of things dat can be considered as insane. It was raining right after we marched into d Saberkas building (its a gadget heaven). I was looking for a new external :) (samsung external). It was hectic cuz we're goin all over d place, i obviously dun wanna accept any kind of brand xcept SAMSUNG!!haha..whatta fuss. Finally i managed to get rid of d hourly empty search by buying d green one!(of course still samsung) tell u what if therz a pendrive, a mouse dat produced by samsung i'll be d first buying those crap..It took 10 mintes for d guy to get my external in his store room..So d left over time was taken to stare at d glassy box with HTC Mozart in it :) its cute but it cost 2k smth.. :(..ths is d best part, d tragedy in car park..d car acted out!!shit~its raining outside so we called mimie's bf, and we have to what???push d car and try boot up d engine??hahha..ths is d best joke ever if therz one. So me wiv my bony hands,pushing hard and ther goes d bitchy car..dat was hilarious, me tim aleng and mie pushing d car down..kindda thing dat we nvr come across before,, (the bolehla guy who own d car mmg nk kena tembak) stop we're goin to sp and spend a few hours of the one at was so unfortunate..i already got one ELLE shoe (one i bought during my hols) now what???..(my dad will kill me) hahaha..sorry but i have to buy one flat shoe,,its better den i bought sum boyish nike sneaker..ths shud be better,,i'm so freakin wash-out when d clock strike legs were ol we're off to college..dat was a hectic day,,

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