Monday, January 17, 2011

Lost prince in shining armor?hahaha..

So tht my dream will come true :)..nay i dun really like d idea of dat, but lately i was having bad dreams bout pain,dunno wth was dat suppose to mean, gotta be cautious tho. Man, i feel like my brain is going to fall off just by thinking bout nonsense stuff. Today! I wear "baju kurung" yeay..monday is supposed to be formal day, so here i am,, tht is one of my 2011 resolution (ahah!wait till d day i went hectic and start to run in jeans again :P). I just browse my page and find two little bugs spamming my wall wiv d word "huh?" okay it takes 15 minutes to delete notifications and d stupid wall post!!!!arghhh,,i can go vile!gimme a break, what does "huh" means??i feel like my day had been sacked by a lumpish viruses..those two ppl r going to pay!!damn,,every status i posted come out wiv d commnt "huh"..m beginning to worry whether dey had sum brain damage or smth,,

Today's class is quite fun! we have sum sortta mini presentation on work life balance, dat was done after a movie "the click" starring Adam Sandler. We need work life balance but dun get mixup cuzzzz..balance doesnt mean 50% life and 50% doubt,it suppose to be an integration between both. Yeah i realized now dat i need diz thing cuz i can avoid inter/intra role conflict as i go on being an HR . I mean i dun wanna get tangle up in circumstances dat cost me to have an overlapping role. Big word control emotion. That is totally a hard thing to i wish therz somebody who is patience enav to handle dat they wont complaint,,"can u stop being emotional" hmmm..okay there's no such as thing as that. (no one will be dat kind i

Seems like its not going to rain today (not just yet) i miss basketball really,i wanna smash the ball hard!as hard as i can!throw it in d ring and scream "yeah!!!!!dats awesome". Anyone??wanna play wimme..???wish ther'll be d lost prince in shining armor come and play basketball wimme (semoga doa nina jd kenyataan..hahha)...okay now m talking nonsense! :D daaa..

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