Friday, January 14, 2011

Such as thing as Love?

"i miss you till the point of death"
First, why wud an arrogant like me missing smbdy who left for such uncertainty he created. In fact asking me to stop loving. Ths was an old story, probably get rusty over time. (but not for me) You ppl you dunno how my life had been going on those day. Yeah, I still keeping my pride, tho I wish I cud grab his collar and scream on him. "Do u noe how much i went mental?do u noe dat i love u damn much!!do u get me?do u hear what i'm saying??". Afterall it was just voices inside my brain. I can't even get a chance to see him nor talk to him tho i really wanna stand before him and make him see what m I. I ever asked a question, i wanna make sure, whether its really true ppl can fall in love with attitude. Also, I wanna reassure dat relationship can get interference with silly things.

Situation: There's a girl you bumped at the mall with her friends,she talk English but she's a malay,she gotta awkward chesty expression (in other word arrogant). What do you think?

It served right on my nose because d answer was, "no feeling,not my taste". It was rather laughable than shedding tears. So, that day I got all the answers that I wanted so much. There is no such as thing as falling in love with attitude. If something dat look ugly before the crowd, it can never turn into something pretty. (i overlooked on love). If d whole world said they hate it, its impossible there's only one person being so kind of liking dat attitude. I was dissapointed because d girl in d situation was me. Even more being dismay because of d person who answers it. So now, I don't ever believe anything regarding attitude-love whatsoever. (don't ever said I'm different because of my attitude cuz I hate it,really hate it and don't ever tell me m just d same with othrs either).Afterall, I will never give up my appaling manner. For me now d test of sincerity is when u can accept someone the way dey are regardless of wht shape they're in. Then only u feel happy about it. I tell u what d feel of acceptance is more precious than winning a Grammy because when u sincere, u'll still be happy no matter what happen.

think m just goin insane by never stop loving u
i hate u i hate u i hate u


JustKeepOnWriting said...

ko ingt die lg..hmmm..ak ingt lg..ko gtau aku cite ni nk dekat setahun kot :( sabarla..kdg2 kn aku yg rase berslah kat ko.. *sies* sampai skrg.ko baik, ade yg lg baik n maybe terbaik tuk ko.caya lah..aku doa :)

AshLisbeth Blomkovist said...

haha..dats so like me,asyik igt bende2 yg xptt..diz guy pling longest,pling ak care..huhu..igt x last sem tbe2 ak msge ko..hish,npe lak bsalah ni..hal matrik tu ak dh xigt da..hehe.. :)..

JustKeepOnWriting said...

haha..aah dah lame gile msej tu kot..n still ade dlm inbox aku..huu

AshLisbeth Blomkovist said...

smpan lg???haha..tu time tgah down gle,,dala time tu asgmnt byk..huhu..btw ak da follow ko..hahah..pnye susah nk carik blog ko..