Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Word Smart::Music Smart

Alright people, what I learnt tday was smth awesome. Its somethg to do with personality and work life balance. Well its a new subject (again,we're d guinea pig here). After several minutes I discovered dat my personality wud be:


No doubt m a word smart cuz i love to read!reli love books and reading things. You see,sometimes wen u flip d front cover u can be so curious how d ending wud be. I'm sortta dat type. Besides nobody read books to get to d middle. I love thesaurus plus a portable dictionary. I noe its kindda weird but dats what happen. Music smart of course!everything about me can be define in musics. One of d song dat probably describe me (Francesca Battistelli-Free to be me). So that was it!!my second day of class. Ahh m gonna miss ol of this after d may end soon.

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