Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clone Thing

Fuyooo!!ths is cool+weird :D i ad been seeing ths thing quite sumtime, since d semester opened. First thing i tot its nothing but when its repetitiously facing it,,i think m in a clone world, first i saw a guy who work in my college cafeteria,duhhh,he just a cafe boy but he look exactly like "tht ol evil". I'm really going mental as if i wanna bury him alive!wring his head off!twist his neck! gosh,then i remind masev he just a cafe boy whose innocent and probably don't even noe therz a mental person who hate him because of his face. I was having a schizo moments (i'm going to kill u..said a voice in my head..haha). A few days later, i almost hye a girl dat look exactly like Bill (my fren) gosh..ths is insane..why wud in a name of god i have to see all of these. I can go vile with all this clone thing. Not long after that, I saw someone dat look like my buddy (kentang)..oh my god, ths even more insane!!!its like seeing a ghost!!

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