Thursday, January 13, 2011


Time passed by and I dunno what m I doing. Again, I was drown in confusion. Is ths really d thing dat I wanna do?? Its like eating apple with a taste of pineapple. I'm not in a mood of talking to anyone anyway. Btw its hot in here, very hot and i hate being in such temperature. I wish m in africa now, sleeping with zebras and d giraffe. Oh yeah its morning here and great I have class in d next one hour. Outside, its raining cats and dogs..The coldness??I dun feel any~Morning class really pissed my mood off! I dun like seeing moody ppl, its like seeing a maple tree walking. I'm trying to cntrol every bitch inside me so that i'm not going to be moody before my friends cuz it looks ridiculous tho. C'mon, u shud do tht too, we're in such adult age and we still prone to such manner. (too much). Well, sorry to say, m not born to sweet-talk othrs. (all d best if u're expecting anything frm me). The only person dat I ever sweet-talk is my buddy (bueno). Arghhh ths is ridiculous y wud i sweet-talk ppl!!anyway, d class is at 8..i better lift my ass off d bed before running late. Really hate wen i had to rush over for showers and ol..For d god sake I smell like steamboat!!!i need a proper smell before going to class, i was having a dinner at d steamboat last nite and sneaking into cinema for "season of the witch". I was totally famished that i cudn't get up frm my seat. Then, I watch those creepy sartan thng in cinema wiv a beef like smell..hahha..its quite awesome.. seems like our operation had started!next stop..i go..cheers :)

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