Tuesday, April 14, 2009

wow..so cool

Gosh!!!Kill me now

It was 8 something something (my English teacher will gone bananas with this word..Haha). My dad called me. Was it my temporal lobe always mendacious to me or I was so in the REM sleep? No way, it was only 8 smth in the evening. What was the thing that made me jigged with merry, rather take the weight off my feet on my bed dreaming and envisage was……HE’S BUYING ME AN i-pod again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This sounded lame but my very lovely apple thingy after I was desperately cursing that Sony outlet.

Btw, I was so impatience on this coming March. He’ll pay me a stopover. And of course with those cute little white thingy which I consider as King of all charming devices in the world (haaa…too exaggerating already…think I’m gonna be sick...)

Come to mama,, Wuhu….this gonna be cool. Finally after the last one drown in da washing mechine. What happen to that Samsung? I’m going to rent it to my brother for extra profit...haha

My new Samsung MP4

HEYHOOOO…. I set off to Boulevard to hunt this Sony mp4. What so lousy and ill-fated about that day was that they didn’t have any stock left. I was like…what the…ngee (not an appropriate word to be said by a lady in the crowd so I just shut up).

I was dying for a week because my former one had it systems upside down and the most was that 4 song for 5 hours charged batteries. I was so pissed! And now the salesman (not cute one) saying that he didn’t have stock. That branch should close down (because they didn’t sell my charming Sony mp4!) screwed them. Then what was the purpose of putting those trial models on the exhibition table????Answer me!!!

After liberated my entire grudge at popular bookstore by buying Julie Cohen novel (really serious cool) I dropped by this Samsung outlet. For the good sake since I was dying for one of those “empat segi” thingy. I decided to grab one of those Samsung. Even it can never beat those magnetism Sony but it still cool. With its touch screen button. (I love that one!). HAAAAA….waste some money already, lucky my dad hand me some PAMA scholarship (additional pocket money..hee). Add in some fake persuasion words then. All settle..but..to be continue..

On the request: BFFF…..

Actually I was confused on this matter. This issue was requested by my pal. One that I adore for his brilliant machine brain. Well anyway….i really had a bad subject verb argument (blame my English teacher!)..huhu..

Move on to the real issue of the day which is BFFF..which I construe as best friend forever f…something…ngaaa,, I lost it already. It’s not really what came across my mind exactly..For my own theory I think BFFF is Be Friendly For Food…(is it??) or Burger French fries For Free..(guess like I’m really hungry since no burger king in Sarawak…..so sad)

Just pulling my leg laaa…but really Burger King is not exist here! Okay stop crapping around (is it in dictionary of crap?). By the way, it’s serious time. For me a friend is a person who we can lean on whenever we had a bad day. A person who never accounted her/his evil deed (even their friend was lyke hell heinous). Okay, when it come to all those superior thingy and angel thingy word I was alerted by my hippocampus and Amygdale memory (emotion memory,,check in neuroscience book). BEYOND all those do you believe a best friend won’t betray?(what am I talking about? Haha) I left that for u people to brainstorm or draw whatever any mind map of your friendship life.Figure it out which part you have a lot of defects.

A real best friend is a person who ready to get busted together... (Hehe,,for any illegal activity). THEY also a person who share secrets, bolster, bed, foodstuff, homework, hobby, boyfriend…oppss wrong one…that one is private properties. Then, he or she’s the one who with you until ur last breath.(unless they die earlier than u..haha). The most vital is NOBODY LEFT BEHIND.. waa..big clap for me for being such a nice interpreter ever…hehe..

*Check out the next blog for lifetime know-how of “BFFF whatever…”haha

Spirit Willing: Flesh Weak

“When love is on the cards, resistance is futile”

Frantically, I immersed all my emo in this Julie Cohen book,, pretty much consternation there. This February of sick love thingy really kill my portion of living in this world.

Let me isolate my crush thing aside. Give a way to my issue which regarding to Valentine day...Wasn’t it a sick day for sick people who really sick to celebrate their sick partner? (Sue me!) I leave that for u to think…

Curious to noe what is the consummation of that particular day with consummate love…eeeuww…I have zero idea how essential is this day. A guy wasted hundreds dollar to buy special gift. Highest rate of present give to love one is roses...Kill me if my bf ever gives me that. Seriously I really hate roses. Is it what u call eternal love? the flower that can’t even stand fresh for 24 hour...

Human are so dumb in metaphoric thingy. Logically spoken, there are flowers that can endure the environment for a week (tulips, lily). Why roses? Eternal is defined as something everlasting. For roses that stand for a day is it the right symbol??? Think about it, that is why more and more people breakup today..Chea, account that as my theory of life.

Then, move to runner up of best gift to ur soul mate.(ridiculous)..the chocolate. Surely cocoa tree in Holland, Belgium..etc were crying (literally) this is because of human greediness and frenzies of giving away chocs as a gift. Million of chocs were sold every year for this sick event (too much grudge)..cant human think of any other alternative than giving away food that contain high sugar level???merci..merci..

The reason why I condemn this day is that…hmmm..this is what people call the day of remembering ur love one…so, a question here..is it only 14 February every year people will remember that they actually have girlfriend/boyfriend, mum and dad, sister and brother or even friends????What about 13 Feb,30 May? Forgotten already?

Asses my assignment using eyes

Anyone ere takin’ HRD???Shame to those mess maker,,let me get this straight..Morpheus is getting uglier than before,,(screw me!). Obviously the activity of uploading the assignment is ascending proportionally due to the improvement of sum stuff in it.

Supposedly each student asses their friend and give comment. U noe what we’re makin a short essay there givin xplaination y we gave them such grade but……what the…h@#$ we get. I can 4give u guys if u’re very slow witted in term of E-N-G-L-I-S-H..but then it doesn’t mean u can’t ask people to help u read. Eradicate ur narrowed pathway of sending lame impulse to ur brain! Come on this one really obvious cuz, we state clearly what we want the recruitment policies shud be. We even highlight it plus UNDERLINE..Very precise and clear..still ther some people makin such crux..are u blind or u just can’t shade some act with fake..??Question mark in my head shud be overloaded by now..

I’m so pissed with that kind of grade, if other 15 people can spot where the h@#$ is our policies why can’t u???Or u shud repeat ur English prep 1 all over again. Have some reinforcement first then asses again. For the god sake!!!! Wanna scream h@#$ to those retarded vision people..

Version of sakit kepala

Haluuuu…whats happening lately? Q#$%^%?oh..its just an old crap lame fairy shaggy story..huh..tooo long I guess,forget it. I have to maintain my brain (I had cases of abusing it) until final exam. In a sense of maintaining its equilibrium of fluidity…. Well,that is not as much as what I had faced this week which I can consider major dehydrate in every simple cytoplasm in my cells. I think I had caused my mitochondria to shrink because lacking of power generativity.(too much metaphoric….ngee)

I was so sakit kepala the whole week. Thanks god I took caffeine last week. Thanks to me for being dumb witted. Caffeine is one of the particular illegal drink for me. Leave that to my body system to do it.

The Holiday Without Home

Wutz were we doin last holiday without home? actually I myself me,,do lot of stuff..gettin maself near the Styx of nervousness..haha..well, starting from the end of week b4 semester break college territory seemed under strong typhoon,later no merry at all but then in cafeteria still lots of starving people mockin around for food!hee..the rain n chill still can’t never erase our mountainous desire n food lush..

But then piling up assignment creepin like an ant takin over ma beauty sleep,why do it had to bother us in such comfort rainy day and I was under ma blanket..huuu..wanna sleep..as usual,,even thers yes or no task I still woke up late..havin record of laziness ever..plus havin shower at 4 while other oredy have their 2nd phase of hygene..nggeee..(am I dat bad???)huhu

Test is so over tirE

It was around 4 something in the morning I drank my fourth cup of Nescafe. I had been drinking that source of caffeine for the past 3 days. Obviously I looked really unconscious. I think I had overindulge it (is there any side effect?). I was really into my Human Resource Development notes that scattered on my entire bed. There’s not even a space to put my head on except my Tammy that lie really happily ever after. I was creating an up-to-the-minute insomnia malady by drinking the portion of resistance to sleep ( really cari nahas..). I’m still waiting for my migraine to assault.(wait until I rolled like a drowning person on my bed…end up swallowing 2 tablet of painkiller)

The worst is that my eyes looked like Panda (as in the one that u see in the zoo). Surprisedly beneath my unconsciousness I still can read through the lining up words.(the career management system) Sometime somehow I lost between the semantic and the syntac…gosh..i hate my life so much!!!why do we need to read? It was so futile.

Then I plugged my ear the whole night listening to my new song addiction syndrome ( I repeat that one more than 25 times). I regard that as major sick because I can’t separate myself with my mp4. Way to go fantasy girl!!!!

Back to my true point on my midterm…urghh,,picture urself spending the 3 nights of stupid unconsciousness with extra natural makeup of Panda like one the question is so damn twisting your brain off, I felt like my homunculus bump in my skull had little explosion..i need some major serious neuroscience therapy. I wanna tore it off! I hate exams. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..Speaking on the behalf of Neuroscience I screwed it up!! Why there’s a necessity to sketch for neuron?????I wedged on the motor system which I sickly and really ill-focus in my lecture class… (for the god sake)…make me stop ruining my body system.

We want improvement!

We want improvement

The mutinous moment that started on last Monday. It was so exhausting on the first place. Why shud we answer those sheets of paper? Tell me why? Why don’t we just went for class, then we went for play...Play... And keep playing. Everyday no nothing of assignment so that I won’t collapse on those piling up and thick books. We don’t have to burn our skin to walk from college to faculty and never have to mutter on my white expensive (haha…this is too demanding) sandals. Whenever it is rainin’ it will all soaked with greyish and sticky mud.

Obviously I need to go to bhep to grumble about hundred pages on this matter. We need improvement!!!!

The New Phase LOL

Hello here and ther,seemed like gaiety level really pops out!..nay,it doest ,matter at all..obviously I’m happy. I had a crush as in liking a person. I went frenzy half witted intoxicant for days. Just for a QUICKSILVER owner..ngaa..who cud dat be? On certain inconvenience I..can’t continue diz text,,urgh any confession killing me. I’m crossing the Styx,,I guess..ehe

Geeked by my own cardiovascular probs.. Failure to function when I met him. Still can breathe with left over negative oxygen. Whats goin on? I felt not eating da waffle I waited for hour, which I consently want and obsessed. Instead, I graze myself with such craze food ever.. a human smile. Da quicksilver really shuffles off my mortality. It does sound hectic all the way down my diary… ngee..though quite scary cuz I’m so in exhilaration mode. Please I just wanna noe his name..haha..i’m to sound like a stalker is so not me.

Last Wednesday…um last week,I got diz valiant ,dauntless spirit to stare at my subject of happiness..oh my god,please control my emotion system. Think my heart sloping down. I blindly see no constraints. The real word is I had a crush on him. This is a major,massive,big,mighty,grand,extreme crush syndrome…wuuuu..if I compared him to my justea he’ll be the second..(teddy is my prior..justea is my fav drink and I wud die without it)..Hope to c him around,,aiyaah!

Should I break my rule????

Wha…aa..aa..diz year I had promised a lot..including don’t wanna have a crush,,cuz I turn into psychocardiovasculardiabeticity patient. Sorry tammy, diary, pencils,calculator..i cant take it..i cant take it anymore,,my strong intuition to quicksilver non sequitar rules and regulation..waa..sick of diz crush thing..

Let see if I compare him to my hubby matsumoto jun..he’s more cute,talented..he have brain,,eversince I have this session of staring,winking and gazing he is nourishing my life..Even the lame thing is I dunno his name..sounds like a line in a song. Well,I hope my boyfriend Tammy,Natrium Benzoate understand my circumstance. This is inevitable that I’m exaggerating..urgh..difficult..very difficult..hmm

Anyway,he cud be da reason y I consently walk from my college to the faculty..haahaa..sounds insane but dat cud my formula of not being a dork if I’m being sluggish..ehehe..happy shalalala..now I have a new federation in my brain..The Quicksillystruck…=)

Opss i did it again

Felt the big tense hit me with a massive power, somebody blindly don’t puas hati wif me..?that was quite..haha..my language being such crap again..they wish for it so I had to give them the measurement..ngaa..

Trust me, there’s no way they gonna beat me in talking, it doesn’t make sense..i believe they can’t get rid that there are someone better than them. Ther is a guy..Name is hidden because of certain inconvenience..he is sumber tu all of my damn concentration to lost during math class, of course he is the pathetic one..

In tutorial, how come he in the same group with me,,porque..i never invite him. I always wanted someone that better in academic performance. But then for the sake of helping his muka kesian I had to…ngee..what happen then is that he start to condemn me. He starts to talk something that we never ever understand even he repeat it for zillion time. Perhaps his nodes of rxanvier broken apart..What so funny is he don’t noe what he talking about..all crap words..Haha. Then we of course concern on what we are doing..

Believe me again he start to argue on concrete stuff, the simple word is Berlagak Pandai..sort of poyo...COME ON! To be in a team we had to understand on what we are doing and try to accept people’s idea..i bet no one can stand a minute talking to him. Obviously he memang tak puas hati wif me. I can see and all my teammates can see. What the hell wrong with him? dunno..so wif the rest of my damn enemy..that bit**y sedusa,medusa devils wears Prada..ngaa..

Hold ur words my friend. Make sure u understand on whatever u do. If u don’t wanna get embarrassed at the end of the day. I just can laugh loudly. Perhaps on that moment noting can be done..Sedarlah u no match for a great murderer like me..haha..how sad and pathetic..ngaaa..haha

Monsoon Change

Lately ,the monsoon that blew me into an unconscious+weird habit. Somehow gotta accept it as quite massive season. Development of “me secret vanilla diary” is getting so inevitable, it is now full with color of happiness perhaps,, thers lot of sticker and colorful font inside. This lead curiosity to da neigbourhood…That can’t be help.
Mostly weird is dat I began to take note of the crucial things..hmm,aint that a good jump..My life span lecturer present to be so cute made me wanna do assignment no more at eleventh hour,, have no idea what twister hit me so bad,I even finished ma math assignment..if I had to roll back into the past diz subject will be my demolish factors..haha..
Surprisedly I had bumped into this hot indi band. The songs quite salubrious to my temporal lobe..not bad,,
And a lil terasa with this unconsciously,confuse+slow action potential boy..man!my life isn’t over if I didn’t text him,even he was my crush but…doesn’t mean…you noe,too long to explain such simple stuff. I was terasa when he say he want to off phone,,I’m not a silly seeker..hopefully he didn’t read ma blogs. Cuz its awful to me..gosh,,screw him..i’m not so into guys,boys or men now. I’m getting 4 flat diz time!ngeee..be mind that he WAS my crush..was mean no more now,,
So guess like I need to add more colour in my diary..

Class going to start

Rule number 1 don’t be so distressed

But..: how can I be so dat damn relax while I’m dead on da 1st day. Bayangkanla aku satu group claz dgn dier…siape dier..???kite will go into dat branch


Human being yang tak faham bahasa manusia homo sapien kat Malaysia,sumber inspirasi to da abnormalities of specialist like ME..dah beribu juta lemon kali cakap pn the result still error in language communication. But I think kepala dier kne struck by electrical impuls ber- voltan besar. Dier is a boy…yang body sistem cross function and trus short circuit kat bahagian medulla oblongata. Wernick area have big infection so he suffer from understanding language.

Retina juga bermasalah hingga buat org yang 10 meter far feel lik epoking his eyes off. Incredibly rosak saraf tunjang and all the neurotransmitter dah bercelaru.

Rase nak scream to hell leave me alone..

Memang..outta mind..

When my life seem...

When Aisyah have too much dream,

Ala not bad actually live in this life but,tapi,err

I still wanna curse,biasala xpueh ati dengan org.dun wanna make crux.

Total possible prediction to disaster,

Jgan blame me if my bulletin o blog smell emoic,

Dipressed on new year adalah bler mereka kata..ceh,terlampau formal,

We’ll be dragged into 3 year programme..agak weird n to be honest it was so f****** creep,think over again dengan hdup yang seem like kerakap kat batu,its all gone serabut thap ke-7..i had to suffer my years study smth dat looks like a potion to death..

Memang btol agaknye menjadi potion tetrachlorometana dengan jus mango tuu..

Terasa nak campak,throw,trample,grind manusia with diz insanity,so menyusahkan on da 1st place,

So bawangmousesheepcreampetola btol la,since cursing and mncaruting isn’t a proper to fabulous gal lyke me.

Try to be nice for a sec….

I’m still trying,,,urghhhh

This 2009 will be the time to get rid of the past

To fix what had I think scratch of my behavior

What I consider as lame and intoxicant

Those facts that freak me like crazy the whole past year

It has to be something new be brought in

I wanna a wonderful new year

Without hesitate my day life

Regretting my pointer that not reach the dean list

Being insulted mentally

Didn’t has to be in love with someone that don’t love you

Don’t have to sit alone and think why he don’t like me

Crying with lots and lots of tears without knowing the reason

Feel hurtful inside while my brain said its nothing

Don’t have to pretend I am cool

Let all the pain gone with this twelve midnight bell

I just wanna all the thinking that blocked my dummy brain slip away

It come out into a long decipher

I wish I think about future more and more

Beat those guys that think I’m a looser

While I’m not people!!!

Stop chasing something that’s not real

Loving the songs that I hate

Get the first class degree

No sweats!!!!i really freakin wish it

Praying that I can continue to my dream …the biggest one

California, Berkeley

Significantly I wanna appreciate people more

I don’t wanna make people that love me suffer like I do

I never tell them mean words

I listen to them

But never giving hope that being too much

I’m going to learn being a lil selfish

Trying hard on my dream

Working really a lot for my coming exam

Live my life in my own way

I’m not cheap and desperately friendly

Set into my brain that those mushy love song isn’t a crime

Dare to change

Being nice to people

No more revenge, vengeneance and wrath

Or even a creep dismay because of a boy

Keep my friendship still

I’m just 20 and it still early for that mushy corny relationship

I wish for my better life

Prosper for the coming year

Victory over everything

Looking forward the glory

Me the best and the greatest ever

i'm so in hardcore moment

Tell me I’m not dreaming..tell lah..ayyoo..where the heck my brain goes..i don’t remember what dates today..yesterday and tomorrow..creep isn’t it..

What am I doin actually..what is this feeling?what?what?..

Crying can solve anything? No way..

U just wasting ur eye ducts to produce tears..that is damn freaking idiot..

Where did my brain goes???????

My lord…I felt like killing myself, why I fall for him..why I have such idiot feeling..did I have mind body problem or it’s just that the artificial intelligent is better than human…THAT’S NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!Why am I so stupid????Stupid here isn’t about solving the equation E=MC2I HATE BEING ME..probably I should go to see psychiatrist… I’m totally lost..My cortex having problem digesting meaningful word..in bahasa we call it PUTUS FIUS…I’m so sick..sick..sick and sick..tired and too tired..

Why I turn o be this lame..

What is love? A trash…or an ice cream…who said love is ice cream..

How u judge love by food..Ice cream is too soft that is why you lost ur love..How about change the love description to broccoli...Hahaa…..sounds like bronchiole and alveoli..My imagination sucks…too shit to be talk about...I imagine lovey dovey things????

This is so not me..wohoh…he start to freakin me out with his stupid mean joke..It is not funny la stupid..He eat my brain. .he made fried rice with it...i knew it..He is so evil..he dip my brain in the sweet sour sauce in his mom soup of the day too…he chew my brain!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh noooooooooooo..he damn stupid freakin shhhhh…He is the bane of my existence!!!!cruel,mean,devil wears prada,scorpion king…etc…my temporal lobe saket…sick..ill..outta sort…mentally ill…

A Story: My “Favorite” Lecturer

On the first day I registered for the course, of course nothing odd or suspicious going on. It is my core subject for that particular semester. I bumped into bunch of my course mate for the registration. Still… lots of trouble to key in my subject. With the system that going down when u concentrating on it… Enough to make ur head goin out…Back to what I was suppose to say,, hmmm…finally everything were done. I managed to get rid of the complicated system and those confusing instruction to join or drop the course…whatever the pegawai am were saying don’t really caught my Eustachian.

If I’m not mistaken it’s Saturday or Monday...Haih,, my hippocampus went error again (inability to remember)…the time table were outs. As if that is the day earth went down I rammed into the crowding people (of course...Because I’m short)...to copy my very own time table..Ridiculous but that is how university student do...Abreast to get something. My head sacked with the questions (what the…?)…mentally I cursed the timing...Wow! Looked like I’m gonna be a new aspirant of being COMA..

Suddenly, (that’s the word dat people use to express of inevitable sequence of expectation)...my eyeball stiffened on the lecturer name, the most rebellious thought I ever had is running away from the faculty to Alaska. By the way, I sounded too exaggerate. Her name froze my vision..surely her existence as my core subject lecturer shuffled my mortality…ngee..To be continue