Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Story: My “Favorite” Lecturer

On the first day I registered for the course, of course nothing odd or suspicious going on. It is my core subject for that particular semester. I bumped into bunch of my course mate for the registration. Still… lots of trouble to key in my subject. With the system that going down when u concentrating on it… Enough to make ur head goin out…Back to what I was suppose to say,, hmmm…finally everything were done. I managed to get rid of the complicated system and those confusing instruction to join or drop the course…whatever the pegawai am were saying don’t really caught my Eustachian.

If I’m not mistaken it’s Saturday or Monday...Haih,, my hippocampus went error again (inability to remember)…the time table were outs. As if that is the day earth went down I rammed into the crowding people (of course...Because I’m short)...to copy my very own time table..Ridiculous but that is how university student do...Abreast to get something. My head sacked with the questions (what the…?)…mentally I cursed the timing...Wow! Looked like I’m gonna be a new aspirant of being COMA..

Suddenly, (that’s the word dat people use to express of inevitable sequence of expectation)...my eyeball stiffened on the lecturer name, the most rebellious thought I ever had is running away from the faculty to Alaska. By the way, I sounded too exaggerate. Her name froze my vision..surely her existence as my core subject lecturer shuffled my mortality…ngee..To be continue

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