Thursday, January 27, 2011

Somewhere Across The Globe

My back cracks :(. It is d most tiring week ever! Ther are so many things circulating around me. The final year project, its uhhh, harghhh.. anyone here can help me find a bank dat i can submit my research and interview, darn~oh m getting insane, reli getting insane. Feel I'm stranded smwhere across d globe dat have grasses and weeds for food. This ain't logic thinking. Okay i'll be mental..

However smth dat sparks my weeks really help me out. I sort out my life accordingly now. :) I will work harder!
1. to be happy all d time
2.wake up next morning and smile
3. eat alot so dat i grow up
5. dont shit ppl
6. Put muse & chris brown in my music player
7. Listen to them when i...
8. Not to be over-stress

I love you world!Thanks for such awesome week :)

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