Saturday, January 8, 2011


" and i dunno how to be fun when i'm not, cuz i dunno how to make a feeling stop"
"thought u shud noe i try my best to let go of u"

Its a bit epic isn't it? A caveat for my brain before I went upside down on weekend. Do not get close with mushy poetry!I have no idea what to do on weekend? Lets see, if i were to play basketball, d fact is dat i'll get hell washed-out and probably spending sum 12 hours to sleep. I havent touch d ball for quite sumtime. My bony hand probably going ricket :D and my legs are getting feeble for games. I started to miss all d fun dat i had back ther (when i was still perky and insane). Its not dat i loose my interest but I have a sardine-box timetable. I really need somebody who can spend time wimme and play this crap out. When we get tired we stop and starts talking bout gadgets and new stuff. Well, seems like i dun have a buddy dat will talk gibberish bout PSP mobile and how cool mozart is. I still love the game so much. The best thing bout basketball is when u can do flips or dunk. It makes u feel like d world is yours. Then u wont stop throwing,bumping and anything dat ppl do in court. It was fun. I used to rip my pants and my knee (dat was a must,haha). Basketball can change life and can even give life. Sports always..always make relieved my messy brain. When i had smth unsolicited like last minute assignment date changed or anything, basketball give me fair time to let go all d burden in my head. When I step on it, i forget everything, I was d wildest person u ever seen. I'm so mental. Lately i kindda lost, d ball was my remedy but now i'm starting to miss it. Very badly. I used to be a dumb asshole and lumpish,haha..i even put sum serious feature, for me to have a guy i need to find somebody who play basketball..haha,d idea was to date on court,,stupid ain't it,so if ppl asked me why m i so keen and so frenzy on diz basketball thing, simple...BASKETBALL is my food for life..pathetic answer,tell u what in court u're free to scream,yell, throw,bumping,purposely knocking someone down..dats d idea,Well m starving now,see ya ppl.. (i owez have d unfinished lines ryte) haha..till then

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