Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unconditional Hair

Go bald! Go bald! Have u ever feel miserable when ur hair grow unconditionally like mental rapunzel? I never had a banshee hair before! So, one line "I need a haircut". After awhile, I thought keeping a hair wud be so great (with help frm my Loreal) but what happen was when u wake up in d morning d 48 hours antifrizz was absolute futile. (as if like i was on d bungee jumping last nite). One weird thing bout ths hair is dat, whatever design u have on d first place wen it grow it will always have a V shape!weird hair!(was wondering whether my hair got some spirit live inside). Probably diz is because of my lumpish laziness..hmmm..u see having a complete hair treatment will make u spend more time in d shower..haha, I skipped d mask and d serum, (perhaps dats d problem). Right now I want a hair like d step up 2 girl..jeez (if dat so i cant have a hair cut) !!Long hair is like "too much stories" think about how may hair do u have..i think hair is so much like life. urghh..m so freaking starving now,gotta go 1st,need a shower!ahaha!

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