Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping Up Weight

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool..yes sir yes sir 3 bag full..haha..okay i start typing gibberish here, seriously what was i thinking? W.A.R.M.T.H !!it has been raining for 2 days, of course i feel like m in Stockholm.. Also it has been a sluggish day for me. I was able to get myself on shower in d noon (which i suppose beyond d hygiene rules, pffftt think dat was d perfect time not to be a freezing mummy). So, its been awhile m not posting anything, i dun hav much ideas to brag actually,its holiday and m not going back. That's d irony of my break as a student. I have bunch of stuff basically (i wonder does it kill me faster den a poison). I spend my time doing aerobic in d morning (with firework instrumental song) and jogging on d eve. Thts because i feel like i have a bit of fat on d thigh. (ridiculous aint it) but m not going to do ths for d sake of getting a zero size (absurds)..i'd like to maintain my health. Besides being 22 is not as young as ppl think it is. I'm concern on my cholestrol level. I just wish my body could grow and you noe..not that ppl call u skinny all d time. I've been eating alot and keeping up my weight. :)

On d othr hand, m so addicted to heart aint brain. Not just that but monalisa as well. They really have such a good music to listen to. Thanks to "Hunky grandpa" who gave me dat chris brown song dat now i'm downloading bout 30 of his song :). Thanks granpa (i noe he will kill me for calling him grandpa,but! it suit him well..hunky grandpa who lives somewhere across d globe). Last nite i dwnloaded afgan song..dat Afgan boy look like hero nakamura in HEROES..haha..seriously now i notice dat..not bad for a asian like him to hav a song called dia dia dia..think i've heard d tone somewhere before. One more thing is dat, i cant believe m hooked up with Korean dramas!!!oh god pls just make me stop..i noe dat my external still have broad spaces for such a thing. I mean its contagious!!!grrr..btw i gotta fly 1st..see u ppl soon!

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