Sunday, January 16, 2011

Merry merry miss independent

So happy so happy..why d hell m so happy after reading 4 article with d entire pages full of highlighter and color..haha..diz morning i went to library to print out 48 page journal article. Whoa, its damn freezing outthere and of course almost died bcoz of my blood vein on winter blocked..hahha..its indeed a useful sunday for me..i walk alone to busstop and caught d keledekz..okay i have no problem wiv em so i juz ignore or else it going to be duck and chicken debate..(u noe what i mean anyway). I dunno waiting for bus can make ur backbone cracked,haha..i got back ache because of bus stop steel seat..its kinda weird but i bet its architect stuff,i dun wanna care, simply not my cup of tea. Burblesque wil be out tmrow (excuse me for the type if therz any). I booted up my lappy while ago and taken aback because those parasite had contaminate my page..jeez,,brandee & beb deth..they shud cross d styx !!believe me d only vocab dat ever exist for em is m getting insane with dat absurd word..haha,,feel like cramming their mouth with a pile of wasabi :D btw they're d coolest friend i ever hangout despite of their annoyance and absurdity..tchh..(dats makin me wanna cut them into pieces and grind em i d mixer). Being miss independent is so awesome anyway!!self-sufficient :) grrrr.its chilly i better get my winter glove now..see ya :)

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