Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ths morning I was bewildered just by looking out d window. Rise and shine! The sunlight torch out straight to my pupil and i feel like having cornea surgery. (my bad). It took 7 minutes to return into normal condition. What a nice start and here come d best part,the shower wasn't workin. For the past month the only thing dat could probably pissed me off in the morn was d shower cap suddenly on drought. As a human being dat care so much bout hygiene, its rational for me to lodge a complain on diz. (duhh,its early of d semester). They can't shit me cuz ths is not sweden where on winter d wter probably freezing,so its not flowing thru d shower. Ths is really getting on my nerve. I may not an engineering student,but such thng shud never exist after a month hols. What r they doing anyway??were dey putting PVDF pipe underground??(urghh). I have to downstairs to do my business. Tht cost me 2 minutes to go downstairs and 3 minutes to climb up again.(ths is barbaric)
Did i ever told you ppl morning class usually end up awesome?nope rite,dat was probably a phantom me. Strategic Human Resource Development class today got something dat really something. Now only I know dat I'm actually graduating as a specialist in HRD. Pathetic ain't it?Now only u noe who u are besides discovering my personality and I had done tons of personality whatsoever test. It's really mental!Today is my lucky day :( I was d first one pointed to answer a question. (excuse me for my lolypop on my left hand and microphone on d right). However, its not a hectic day cuz m still here talking nonsense(gibberish is my genetic),since for d entire week I dun even have evening class. (epic!).

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