Thursday, January 20, 2011

Precious Manner

Hey pretty ugly, its been awhile since my lappy went upside down and got a high fever. (seriously) Whats up today, I had nothing much to brag because wen d idea of crap keep on coming but d technology get stuck then u feel sucks. (excuse me for my vocabulary). Its just early of d semester and m beggining to freak out over d invisible workload. I dun wanna go beyond d work stuff, as in time for myself. Well, i wonder if d time is capable to spare sum time for me and myself. Ths week has been so tiring and extreme no-perks. The moment u wake up in d morning d questions dat blow ur mind is dat “do i have to wake up?”. I’ve been running outta energy. I had 2 hectic day with no time to give a peek onto my bed. Class schedule, softskills, student board things; those make me worn out. Most of d time my energy been drained out for sum educational stuff. (i think i just poped a neuron by thinking of these).

Here come the after 2 things, when i think dat suppose to be my free time, ok ths is not exciting anymore,its like m flipping a chunky book which i nvr knw how many page are they until u stop flipping. (never ends). Oh yeah not to mention I have issues being nice with boys. Its either it get me nervous or fire up in rage (u noe like a volcano). Obviously I have issues to talk about regarding boys manner. I’m not being prejudice & discrimination mental. (neither). I’m not gonna waste my time scolding ppl, cuz i juz find dat my life is so precious and I dun have time for lame things (honestly). I’m just pissed wiv few of parasites dat never get it tho i’ve been draining saliva to get rid of it. (i can die with hatred). How cud u be so annoying at someone else page. Ths specific individuals (plural) really pissed me off. I accidently replied a comment with “fuck!”..come on, seriously, whoever get me pissed, they shud be sorry.

I’ve been repeating diz line “m on final semester” for more than dozens of times ryte,trust me being a final sem student is very depressing! When i get depress i tend to read alot. Its either i have internal conflict and get mixup i nvr noe myself. And yeah, i was hoping dat my friend will text me cuz i tot he vanish sumwhere on earth. Its not like m gonna kill him anyway. Okay now i got head ache. Ths is really “luahan perasaan” damn it.