Friday, January 21, 2011

Give up? Over My Dead Body

I was so infected by ths lumpish fever. I had it with smiles and blithe (i hope so). Well, d day started really well, as m on d early errand to faculty. Tonight I'll be here in d room alone since my roomie got eleventh hour call frm her cousins and she went back to her gramps. Kindda odd when u dun have anyone to joke with. (m gonna miss 2 nites not callin her kayak). We shud be on war by now, and she wont stop repeating d shirt issue of day, if she was ever here. She left her teddy for my watch. Well, its an epic eve, with Sandy not replying my text (asking her to go for dinner). Think she's asleep tho, plus its a tiring week. I wish I cud jump on my bed and start snoring for d god sake. However, to get a piece of peace in ur head, dats difficult. Especially wen ur tummy growled like a hunger wolf T_T . (I did d best I could do to survive tonight). Thts not d beauty of being lazy. When was my meal exactly, oh yeah d afternoon prosperity burger at Mc D.

The lucky Friday dat we're talking about is d day with seriously human resource system class. Pardon me wen I have to stay alive for 5 hours. Holy cow! The class tht only appear twice a month really tiring. What on earth were they talking bout database and all. I need a break, tmrow is Saturday, perfect i need a nap before i cud start being a machine again. Fuhhhh. What is exactly going on in my life, I nvr knw myself. Guess I need to recharge battery for next week, shud be a busy week..Where was I again? Oh okay, the HRIS class..its grouping day!!!!i hate diz i hate diz, really freaking hate ths :( ths is my final sem, i dun wanna be in a team dat have trouble makers, hmm lucky I got on d boat wiv martha and ding ling, oh my savior. hope diz things work well, i cannot afford getting low marks, cuz m telling u ths is my final semester. Anything can pull my heart out. Fuhh~ chill okay chill,,i can do ths, i have to work more,, m not giving up on the last check point. Giving up?Over my dead body. I will nvr ever ever ever give up.

Speaking bout give-up, I'm on my way on pilot test :) shud be finishing soon. Thesis really killing me. Part 2 pls dun hell trouble me :(. Fighting! (too much korean influence). Wont give up, cuz i hate seeing myself being a coward who gives up. There's always a way out, unless u dun wanna put an effort on it, unless u dun wanna try a bit harder. There's no definition of give-up.

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