Monday, January 24, 2011

Whats up with that weekend

May all d hatred gone and blithe circulate my day ;]. The first day of d week I can't say i have time, darn even on weekend I was dictated by work. (too bad). Journals tried to compel me which end up them reading me. Yesterday d power went out, as for a happiness dummy I just stay like a deadpan in d room, gazing onto d ceiling and start singing as if d world is now have my name written on it. Indeed it was a pathetic Sunday. Well, I hate dat kind of Sunday, I had repetitiously having shower, darn its hot and you noe wen d power went out dat means no fan and all plus nature being too cruel. Not even a hush of wind. So I stayed annoyed with d sunlight torched into my room. I had migrain because its too hot. (ths thing is sensitive to heat). I end up blackout myself. Thats just another story. It was going on for 6 hours and afternoon was horrific :(

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