Tuesday, June 2, 2009


How do you noe its L-O-V-E?
was it because u felt shiver on ur palm and its sweating like a burgular hands when they snatch people stuff after breakin in.. or maybe u have tyroid(dats y u sweating). It s more likely like a heist snatch ur heart..
can people live in heartless?what shud a
heartless do when literary speaking the cupid arrow had struck ur heart n carried away to those who wishes for it..(obviously my head had struck a stiff metal somewher and resulting this illness)
I just wanna express what do i feel n what do i noe bout love. love=something that very difficult to do. Ages might not be able to reveal those ryte n perfect definition for love. Love have its own evolution(
just like charles Darwin theory maybe) or even like a seed to flowers and fruits. We can never guess love..(what the heck did i said just now)
Frankly speaking,as if i did noe love but obviously i failed those theories of sternberg n murstein if i'm not mistaken. My
biggest problem of my dummy head is i'm not a person with mushy lovey thingy. I can write but can never say it out loud. Words worth a years talk.huhu..(aisya is getting crazy i guess). As if for me the human who choose love have to make a difference tho. cuz this is not an ice cream eating competition. or even American idol wher Adam Lambert lost. Ridiculous aint it my point. That is my believe.
i believe love is complicated. more complicated than
0/1=infinity....my love description meanwhile diffrent based on condition. i dun say i hate love but i just never knew it..i thought its just like curry puff..fhewww,but ......tough job..

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