Friday, April 2, 2010

Benci my NOSE

Row..row..row ya boat~damn diz flu..terase mucus nk drain out like a firemen fever somemore--mmg ak seorg y degil!!d fact is,m tooo lazy to layan diz idiot sickness!!but it does ake me shaken a bit..malas taw x!!!i hate u nose~(tp kalo xde nose,oxygen xley msuk!!)..head~plez digest things on its charts,,m not gonna make it to stand till 12 tonyte,,-sigh-my nose..huaaaaa :( totally absurd..and i dun wanna go to d clinic!it makes me sicker..more lunatic,my body system got paranormal activity inside it, n of course,,dun wanna timbang berat~~m gonna make diz flu as a ventilation topic..haih..wats goin on with me i dunno~xsmpai 2 weeks hilang blood again!want my blood?take it..nah!take it!m sick being sick..i dun care i wake up tmrow and collapse..i dun care anymore..i dun care if i have to stay in hospital bed for days..i dun care if doc wanna drip me..with 10 pack of dat thing..i dun care!

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