Monday, March 29, 2010

I miss my own talent--singing

in lab wif khad,,m bored and just screw my life 30 minutes ago~i ate my pills before lunch..n now,,i mean jap g pengsan..thumbs up,,kalo nk bnuh dri xsusah pn juz take another tablet..(start calling cken and tell hantar ak g hospital now --if)..and if i ever collapse on my bed pn no one ever dats a piece of life i had,,i have mountain of stuff to do~juz keeping mysev busy...but juz now!!!d drama was so...urghhhhhh..damn~i was so segan till i dun wanna go out frm d toilet..sigh..bodo la bodo~~chill aisya u shud juz chill..anyway~my lucky charm amulet had turn into bad luck seance..but i made it to d final..miss said she loves our script!!!which is my i miss singing..i had stop for 4 years (ehm ehm ehm..testing2) mariah carey song (terbawak2 ngan tira~~jelez2 tira still sing)..i miss geng jules main band (the bandage sengal) aidie --sepoyo2 manusia kt dunia..sometimes i feel like poking him with his celo!!and Ayish!!!!wherz my song dat i wrote form 4 dlu????hish2..i miss my nasyid gang as well~tho fana sarcasm killing me,m d second vocals...yeay..i bumped into our snap2 laz nyte tho..

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